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Report from See Bloggers 2015

On Saturday and Sunday we had the opportunity to be at the meeting of bloggers from all over Poland, See Bloggers. It is very nice that we were able to get invitations because the number of participants was limited. It's even cooler that, unlike the Blog Forum I participated in, we were in full line-up this time.
There were a lot of interesting lectures at See Bloggers, many of them we took and we want to use on our blog. There will be some changes soon, but most of them will not be visible.
I really enjoyed the molecular cuisine workshop, where you could taste a few dishes, e.g. currant sorbet with quince alcohol (yummy!), Vanilla ice cream with coffee caviar (I made coffee caviar myself, great fun), as well as boletus ice cream with thyme, which were a huge taste surprise for us.

ice cream made using molecular gastronomy
When it comes to lectures, we will be glad to remember the blogger's blog lectures Shinysyl, which was terribly positive, actually we were smiling all the time, but also listened with great interest. What did I remember from this lecture? The fact that brown is considered the color of poor people and it is not worth dressing in that color for an interview.
She gave another nice lecture Fashionelka who talked about making money on the blog. It's really cool that they are not afraid to talk about it loudly, because many people think it is something bad, which I do not understand, because if you devote time to it, why not get extra cash from it? It's a shame to steal, not make money from your hard work.

lirene, eveline and perfume fm group

Yesterday I took part in a hair test. I learned that my hair, despite thyroid problems, is very healthy, and I can even see some babies growing.
I was unable to make a manicure with Eveline, the records spread like fresh rolls. I do not regret it, because I got some nice thumbnails, of which I discovered a great shower lotion, which I plan to buy full-size. Probably his review will appear on the blog soon.

Jose Seeletso

The only thing I didn't like was the total lack of organization in the matter of food. There was practically nothing but cakes, drinks and sandwiches in the cooking area. It was very weak in my opinion and a lot of people criticized it.
You can see more photos from the event on ours Instagram or Facebook.
Let me know how you liked it :)


  1. Avatar Culinary Lans 30 July 2015 / 11: 51

    Actually, the shower balms we got are great! 🙂
    ~ Magda

    • Avatar [Email protected] 31 July 2015 / 13: 11

      I plan to buy a big pack, but first I think babydream fur bath foam.

  2. Avatar Gaja 27 July 2015 / 12: 42

    Molecular gastronomy is fascinating. I was a month ago in a restaurant where I ate rose petals sorbet with balls like the one in the picture, but with a lime flavor.

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