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Coverage of the 2017 Fashion Fair in Poznań

At the beginning of September we were at the Poznań Fashion Fair. This is a great event of the fashion world, during which we met a lot of new clothing companies (as many as 400 companies exhibited!), And we also established a few collaborations. Melissa was one of the exhibitors. You can't imagine how their stand smelled wonderful ...

In the evening, after the first day of the fair, a gala with a fashion show was held. We regret that we could not stay on it, but we followed the relationship with the gala at a friend Blogerka on Insta Stories on the train.

What did I like the most at the Poznań Fashion Fair?

I fell in love with several clothes. My attention was caught by a black, classic blazer (similar jacket can be bought at Reserved. Recently, Kate Moss was wearing this jacket at the opening of the Reserved boutique in London) and the dress that I showed on our Instagram profile. You can see this beautiful dress below. It is a pity that it could not be bought ... unfortunately at this stand there was only the possibility of buying in bulk.

A trip to Poznań to the Fair was also a great opportunity to visit this beautiful city. It was the first time we were with Piotr in Poznań. Together with Natalia from the blog hutnez (greetings!), which we met at the Fair, we went out to explore the old town and delicious food at ChiChi 4. If you live in Poznan, or you will be passing through there - you must visit this place! Sweet potato chips and salad with grilled vegetables is insane!

Melissa ballerina
Dominika and Natalia hutnez
italian chic
Poznan fashion fair 2017 leaf dress
Poznań fashion fair


  1. Avatar Sun painted 25 September 2017 / 06: 01

    This black dress is really pretty. 🙂
    I probably would have gone to the fair there. 😀 They would have to lengthen the duration by me. 😉

  2. Avatar Paulina Pieśla in love with colors 24 September 2017 / 10: 41

    I see that a nice event is behind you 🙂 I like such events, but unfortunately because I live at the end of Poland, I have far away everywhere 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 September 2017 / 11: 36

      The coolest things happen mainly in Warsaw. We are from Gdańsk, but what are the trains for :))

  3. Avatar Dawid Nowakowski 23 September 2017 / 19: 50

    All creations are wonderful. And trade fairs are a very nice thing, no matter what - I love them all.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 September 2017 / 11: 38

      I only go to the selected ones, e.g. wedding or residential ones, I am not interested at all 😀

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