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Finding the perfect pink is a real challenge. Only a few years ago I didn't use blush, because this product seemed completely unnecessary to me. About a year or two ago I thought it was time to get to know this cosmetic. The first pink I used for a very long time was a lovely pink in chocolate dessert.

At the great Rossmann promotion, which was some time ago, I bought Bourjois Healthy Mix. Most colors have already been purchased, and I have long wanted to try this product. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed. Why? You will find out later in this note.

The blush has a very interesting shade of a little peach, and maybe it's salmon ... I can't quite determine what color it is. The product is very efficient, I use it every day, and I still see almost no defect. The packaging is quite ok, I don't know if it would still look like this after a fall.

A plus is also a mirror because you can use blush patches during the day. The downside is the applicator, which in my opinion is completely unnecessary. Besides, I can't imagine using it, I suspect it can do terrible stains. To apply blush I use the ecotools brush from the travel version. The blush is easily available, it can be found in every Rossmann. Its regular price is too high in my opinion, that's why I wouldn't buy it without promotion.

After a few hours, the roses actually disappear. He stays on the cheeks only 3-4 an hour, then he is not seen. I don't think it's a perfect blush, but it's more durable than my favorite Lovely Mineral blush. The color goes very well with my skin tone. Plain pink shades do not suit me at all.

This is the only Bourjois product that I have used so far. I have always avoided the company, because the price was too high. Have you used Bourjois movies products? What products can you recommend?


  1. Avatar Yumi blogs 1 September 2015 / 09: 08

    What you just wrote looks completely like my story, I have recently been using blush (in my case it is Golden Rose - I muck it and miziam and he does not disappear at all!) I have not decided on the bourgeois, because of the price, but I have to admit that they have beautiful colors 🙂

  2. Avatar Aneta Sawicka 31 August 2015 / 15: 37

    I had pink No. 34, if I'm not mistaken, I was happy at first, but then I got bored 😉 I also had this foundation 123 😛 a little clogged, but only after a long use 🙂

  3. Avatar Joanna Blogg 31 August 2015 / 14: 14

    I read only goodness about these roses, but I have not yet tempted myself. I use the rose very sporadically so for now it won't appear in my collection 🙂

  4. Avatar Ann 31 August 2015 / 11: 24

    I didn't have this blush, but with Bourjois I like CC 🙂 cream

  5. Avatar MESH 30 August 2015 / 22: 30

    I prefer bronzers much more 🙂

  6. Avatar Sailing 30 August 2015 / 21: 51

    I really like the colors of their rose, however, they are highly pigmented and a bit too shiny for me. <

  7. Avatar Kate's Beautyland 28 September 2014 / 12: 24

    Bourjois has good products. Especially I can recommend you a foundation from the same series as the chapter

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 28 September 2014 / 15: 30

      Unfortunately, I do not use foundation, I use BB cream :-)

  8. Avatar Michasia S. 24 September 2014 / 10: 30

    I have two roses so far and I don't know which company 😀
    One powder and one in mousse.
    Both are quite ok.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 24 September 2014 / 13: 41

      How do you not know which company? It is not written on the packaging? :)

  9. Avatar oczynamode 23 September 2014 / 09: 12

    Most applicators that add to the blush are not suitable for use 🙁

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 23 September 2014 / 13: 12

      Right ... I remembered the lovely pink can down: P

  10. Avatar orchideamagiapiekna 22 September 2014 / 15: 03

    I didn't have these roses, but I tested them with my friends. I will say this - they are decent, but I would rather spend more on roses displaced from MAC or in a cheaper version also buy a version baked from Golden Rose

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 22 September 2014 / 16: 00

      I've never had a Golden Rose. What roses do you recommend from this company? Mac has been on my list for a long time, but there is always something else, more important 🙂

  11. Avatar GumaDoZuciax3 21 September 2014 / 16: 52

    I've never had anything from Bourjois 🙂

  12. Avatar Anka Bugiel 21 September 2014 / 13: 02

    I had some cosmetics from them. None of them served my complexion, I still got rashes after them: /

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 22 September 2014 / 12: 59

      I didn't do anything wrong with this pink.

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