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Pink cigarillos - stylization with pants Laura Guidi

Cigarillos are known from the time of icons such as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. Cigarillos can be worn by both slim and tall women as well as short ones with full shapes. This model of pants, however, requires a certain sense of proportion - I do not recommend combining them with wide blouses, because you will disturb the proportions. This pants model is perfect for a business meeting or job interview. In today's styling, I chose pink cigarillos from the premium brand - Laura Guidi. The Laura Guidi brand is not only pants, but also beautiful dresses (perfect for a wedding) and most importantly - they have great quality materials. Anyway, look at these pants yourself ... they are perfect, right?

Laura Guidi pink cigarillos - what to wear them with?

To pink cigarillos I added a simple, satin top with straps (look at the interesting back) and black high heels with a bow on a low heel. This style could not miss the Chanel handbag, which emphasized the business nature of the style. As usual, I focused on few accessories - a Miugo silver watch, as well as black, cat's glasses (I showed them in styling with striped pants, if you haven't seen her, take a look and let me know if you already have such trousers in your wardrobe). On the neck you can see a silver necklace with the infinity sign. It reminds me that we have endless possibilities in life, and we are limited only by imagination (we often imagine the worst decision when making a difficult decision, and this does not necessarily have to happen. You are the one who guides the course of events).

women's cigarillos in the color pink

top with black straps

The black satin top is very versatile. I often combine it not only with elegant pants, but also with jeans. Such a top is a nice base for many simple styles. It is also great for warm days to the office. However, remember to put on a jacket or cardigan (the offices often have air conditioning and you may feel cold after some time).

elegant black heels with bow

pink women's cigarillos

In this styling they have their debut low heels with a bow. I will tell you that I have the same model in a different color. These shoes are not only cute, but also very comfortable. This heel height is great for everyday use or for women (like me) who don't reach for high heels very often.

retro sunglasses

pink pants from Laura Guidi

2.55 chanel bag

Accessories are the most important in every stylization. A luxury handbag with a classic cut will liven up even the most boring styling (for example, I often wear Chanelka with jeans). I love accessories because they can give the outfit a character. Most often I reach for classic clothes, that's why I like to add this 'something' to them with the help of accessories (be it a watch or a handbag).

back of black top with thin straps

So much about this top with straps I mentioned to you at the beginning of the post. Like a plain top (looks really classic on the front), and on the back there is a very interesting arrangement of straps. In this picture I blended perfectly with the surroundings, and the red scooter (it's divine!) Is a nice complement to the styling.

satin top with straps

Satin top - Zalando

Miquel pink cigarillos - Laura Guidi

Quilted handbag - Chanel

Silver watch - Miugo

Leather stilettos with bow - H&M Premium


  1. Avatar Weronika 17 November 2019 / 15: 32

    Cult is probably not only my dream come true 🙂

  2. Avatar Izola Comrey 12 August 2019 / 19: 03

    I am a mother and this helped me!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      14 August 2019 / 10: 28

      Good to hear that! Have a nice day.

  3. Avatar Mirabelove 31 July 2018 / 21: 56

    Can you tell what a beautiful place this is?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 1 August 2018 / 08: 50

      The area around Plac Trzech Krzyży, but that's not exactly what I know. We walked a lot and looked for the perfect place 😉

  4. Avatar Milena 28 July 2018 / 15: 31

    Great stylization! Pink suits you very well :)))

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 28 July 2018 / 16: 12

      Thank you very much! I like this color in a delicate edition 🙂

  5. Avatar Laura 26 July 2018 / 18: 04

    Beautiful cigarette pants it's so stylish you 've nice photos! Please write some post in eng.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 30 July 2018 / 13: 14

      Thank you! I love this pants and color is so great!

  6. Avatar Katuska 26 July 2018 / 10: 42

    Well-cut pants ... fit perfectly on you! And the purse, as usual, delights ... my dream ...

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 26 July 2018 / 15: 02

      It is true! They are well tailored 🙂 I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the store's offer, they have great clothes!

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