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Eyelashes like curtains

Which of us does not dream of eyelashes like curtains. I belong to this group myself ...
My eyelashes are average. Neither too short nor too long. And above all they have a big problem with overclocking.
Long eyelashes

Fortunately, there are several effective ways that support our eyelashes. First of all, I will answer the question whether eyelash conditioners work. About 2 years ago I used Revitalash. This product did not work on my eyelashes. The eyelashes were actually longer, but their tips were so thin that after applying them with mascara they looked like a broom. In addition, during use eyelashes began to fall out terribly.
At first I thought it was a matter of the fact that "old" eyelashes must fall out for new ones to appear. Unfortunately, my thinking was wrong.
When it comes to this type of conditioner, you have to be very careful, because some of these products have a glaucoma drug, which has the side effect of eyelash growth. I don't think I have to say that using this drug with healthy eyes is dangerous?
And what do we have on the market besides eyelash conditioners? For example castor oil, which is probably most often recommended for eyelash care. Unfortunately, it has its drawbacks, because when applied to the night it likes to get into the eye, which causes irritation.
Another way is to apply Vaseline or Alterra chamomile lipstick. These two products have a solid consistency that reduces eye irritation to a minimum. Vaseline causes eyelashes to become less brittle and nourished. Alterra lipstick contains castor oil, which is why it is great for applying on eyelashes. Just use an old, clean mascara brush and mascara your lipstick.
It's also very cool Eveline eyelash serum and conditioner. I am currently using my third pack. I noticed that since I apply this product under mascara, they do not fall out as before and are much more nourished.
What does not serve our eyelashes?
First eye rubbing. I know that this habit is difficult to eliminate from life, but it really does not serve our eyelashes (eyes too!).
Secondly eyelashes are also not used for strong rubbing while removing eye make-up. To verify if you do it too hard, look or after removing makeup, there are no eyelashes that have fallen out on the cotton pads.
Thirdly falling asleep in makeup. This completely knocks out eyelashes ... if it happens sporadically, ok, don't panic. However, if you do it regularly - it's time to change your habits. Your eyelashes will be very grateful to you 😉


  1. Avatar Magda 27 November 2018 / 19: 23

    xotl eyelash biotebal serum works great for me. It effectively lengthens and strengthens eyelashes, and the effect is very natural

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 27 November 2018 / 21: 20

      And how about the composition of this serum? Has bimatoporost?

  2. Avatar maria 24 September 2018 / 19: 47

    I use serum. It gives very good effects, because the eyelashes are long and at the same time look very natural

  3. Avatar Julia 7 September 2018 / 00: 03

    I used to apply various eyelash conditioners but for some time I wear artificial eyelashes.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 9 September 2018 / 12: 01

      Personally, I wouldn't choose false eyelashes, but it looks cool for some girls.

  4. Avatar greenfrog 10 April 2015 / 17: 24

    I have eyelash serum in the cabinet, but I don't use it because of laziness 🙁 time to start! I remember that a few years ago when I started painting eyelashes, they were beautiful and long, a lot of people loved them 🙂 now, unfortunately, it's not so cool 😛
    I used castor oil, but for quite a short time ... maybe I will come back to it 🙂

  5. Avatar Juliette Beauty 10 April 2015 / 06: 49

    I used castor oil and it worked quite well with me. However, if I want to achieve a spectacular effect, I reach for nutrients. I have the impression that many companies have recently been moving away from this ingredient in their offerings ...

  6. Avatar MyBeauty Joy 9 April 2015 / 21: 40

    I also like lipstick with alterra 🙂 but I admit that I go for shortcuts during the holiday season and always use 1 method for mink lashes: 1 🙂

  7. Avatar Arleta S. 7 April 2015 / 18: 28

    As for some eyelash conditioners, it's a flap for me because I'm terribly irregular 😀 I tried to use Alterra lip balm and I saw some effects, but unfortunately I stopped laziness, grr. I have to motivate myself and start using it again 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 8 April 2015 / 03: 47

      Alterra lipstick works great, I also have to go back to using it;)

  8. Avatar Widow of Stalin 7 April 2015 / 11: 48

    brr, I can't imagine falling asleep in makeup at all ... how ... how can it be ?! 😛 but sometimes I wash my makeup too aggressively and I have to admit this mistake 🙁

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 8 April 2015 / 03: 47

      I can't imagine it either, but for some it's the norm;))

  9. Avatar Lady Cosme 6 April 2015 / 21: 20

    I never used any eyelash conditioner, because I never felt the need to do it 🙂 sometimes I just put on castor oil 🙂

  10. Avatar Anonymous 6 April 2015 / 20: 04

    I have long eyelashes but they are bright and you can not see it too much 😉 and when I painted them with ink I got a very unnatural effect 🙁 I don't know maybe castor oil would do something with dimming? And what would you say about wiping your eyes with an oil swab? They wouldn't be irritated?

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 6 April 2015 / 20: 22

      Castor oil does not darken eyelashes, it can lighten them slightly. Only henna for eyelashes will help here. Wiping with a cotton swab can irritate the eyes, try chamomile alterra lipstick. It has castor oil in its composition, it will not flow into the eye and will not irritate it.

  11. Avatar tdabrowska 6 April 2015 / 17: 44

    I like your eyelashes. I just want them to be more crazy :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 6 April 2015 / 20: 23

      I do the same, though I wouldn't be offended if they were a little longer.

  12. Avatar Ariel 6 April 2015 / 15: 41

    revitalash works the most on my eyelashes, I returned to this specific product after a few years, while castor oil gave absolutely nothing 🙁

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 8 April 2015 / 03: 48

      He didn't do anything good with me. Yes, eyelashes were longer, but very weak and began to fall out.

  13. Avatar Long hair 6 April 2015 / 15: 08

    Very cool post 🙂 You also have to take care of your eyelashes 🙂

  14. Avatar Robin 6 April 2015 / 15: 03

    I have too long eyelashes by nature. I don't paint them because they look like stuck with ink. But some nutrient would be useful for them 🙂

  15. Avatar KarolajnBy 6 April 2015 / 14: 06

    Sometimes I put on Babydream olive oil or some other oil, I used to rub in Alterra lipstick 😛

  16. Avatar Kaprysek 6 April 2015 / 14: 05

    I praise Revitalash conditioner very much, but l'biotica serum also works well 😉

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