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I can't imagine my life without bags. I probably wouldn't take it to a desert island (although it could be very helpful), but every day, when I don't have to give it up, I reach for purses only in premium quality. I used to buy cheap and poor quality handbags, and finally decided it was time to invest in a leather handbag. This purse is with me to this day, and 9 years have passed when I bought it. Leather handbags are more ecological. Cheap handbags made of ecological leather (I encourage you to check what material it is - in short ... it is plastic) not only that they quickly deteriorate, but in addition we litter the Earth with them, because we have to replace them more often. And now I will sell you my trick for your leather purse to regain its former glow - just use a soft brush to rub a little petroleum jelly into the skin and wait for it to absorb. I guarantee that thanks to this treatment your leather handbag will look much better. Looking for leather handbag in premium quality? Check out D&P Store, where you will find only recommended products in the best quality. Big, small, shopper bag and cocktail bags. Check the offer and current promotions in D&P Store.