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Favorite perfumes can be a showcase of a woman. Close your eyes for a moment and think about your friend. After the appearance of her figure in your mind, do you start to smell her perfume? Every perfume they are beautiful, because tastes are not discussed. However, to find your ideal, you need to learn. In D&P Store you will find the most beautiful women's perfumesthat love light, floral and very sensual fragrances. I have been looking for the ideal myself for many years. Earlier it was Miss Dior L'eau, but when they withdrew it, I had to start looking for my fragrance again. After really frequent visits to Sephora and Douglas, I found my ideal - Chloe Love Story. This fragrance is light and gently reminds me of my beloved Miss Dior L'eau. I hope that you will also find your dream fragrance, which will become your showcase.