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Facebook, fanpage and effective Facebook activities

Why do you need a private Facebook account?
Facebook is a social networking site whose development has amazed many. Probably even the founder Mark Zuckerberg did not expect Facebook to become a world-famous portal. Anyway, initially it was intended only for a specific group of students.
The phenomenon of Facebook is that it was one of the portals that offered something different, more elaborate. Today, almost everyone has a Facebook profile. Do you also meet someone asking if you have a Facebook account?

You don't have a Facebook account - you don't exist

The rule is simple - you don't have a Facebook account, you don't exist. This is the case among various groups, especially young and students, but also among young working people you will be asked if you have a Facebook account.
A private account on Facebok will also be useful for starting a blog fanpage. This is the basis in today's blogging. Fanpage is a place where you can inform about a new blog post, share your observations on a topic that interested you (you do not have to limit yourself to the topic of the blog, but it's good to have at least a little to do with its topic) or inspire not only yourself, but also your readers.
Facebook coverage so low
Facebook successively limits the range of published posts. The network also roars from rumors related to hiding the number of fans on the fanpage. All activities of this portal are related to its improvement (at least they say so). In my opinion, this is closely related to advertising campaigns, which we increasingly need to stand out from other fanpages. And I'm not talking about the "promote post" button, because in my criteria it is not recognized as an effective advertisement on Facebook.

What can you do to make Facebook coverage higher?

You will not do anything. Of course I'm not kidding. There are several ways for higher ranges, which I will tell you in a moment. First of all, good graphics. It is not worth publishing posts without graphics, because it is one of the criteria that increases the reach of your publication. Video materials also work great, but not YouTube links (Facebook and YouTube don't really like each other), but directly uploaded materials on Facebook. Video content created by the Boomerang application also has good coverage.
The post with the recording of opening the package from Norinommo enjoyed much more interest than traditional posts (content + graphics).
Adapt or die
You just have to adapt to many Facebook rules. You are only a Blogger, not the owner of Facebook. If you don't like it, just don't use this social networking site. They are different, just as cool.


  1. Avatar Ola April 2 June 2017 / 22: 06

    We may not blog for statistics alone, but they play a key role. If you do something, then do it concretely. Of course, everything within reason without falling into paranoia.

  2. Avatar Edyta My piece of floor 29 October 2016 / 17: 20

    It seems to me that FB has been very capricious lately. Normally the ranges are quite good, and once in a while there will be a very small range and it works incredibly demotivating 😉

  3. Avatar paulina 27 October 2016 / 11: 02

    I'm trying to figure out FB all the time and I'm having a hard time but I'm not giving up :)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 27 October 2016 / 11: 41

      Facebook can't be completely understood. They introduce a lot of changes (and often) that even professionals are not always able to grasp it 😉

  4. Avatar GlamMam 27 October 2016 / 10: 12

    Due to competing with Twitter, Periscope and YT are reportedly well positioned live.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 27 October 2016 / 10: 22

      I heard that too. Have you already used this option? We are going to test on dniach days

  5. Avatar Elwira Tymczyszyn 27 October 2016 / 09: 47

    I use Facebook only to run a blog fanpage and if it wasn't for the account fanpage I wouldn't have. Personally, I miss gadu-gadu sometimes 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 27 October 2016 / 10: 26

      Gadu-gadu ... ah those were the days! In the era of messanger, I completely abandoned this messenger.

  6. Avatar Patrycja Kowalska 27 October 2016 / 09: 34

    An interesting substantive article. I agree with the thesis. Facebook is indeed a place where every blogger should be.

  7. Avatar Monika Dudzik 26 October 2016 / 09: 21

    And I like Facebook there, although I admit that I refused to set up an account for quite a long time. Everything is for people, so here it will also be a bit useful. And the ranges - well, they are what they are, but are we blogging only for statistics?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 October 2016 / 10: 03

      Common sense is necessary everywhere. And most importantly - action plan 🙂

      If you want to make money on a blog, unfortunately statistics are very important.

  8. Avatar Motherhood-time! 26 October 2016 / 09: 19

    Oh yes ... facebook is cutting terribly everyone lately. I am not lamenting because I know that those who will want it will go to my blog or profile on FB. Facebook does not have to hinder them 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 October 2016 / 10: 00

      All this is a matter of cash and buying ads on FB. Maybe soon Facebook will not be free for companies at all. You never really know

  9. Avatar Lu 26 October 2016 / 08: 12

    I do not quite understand why anyone can "annoy fb policy", after all, it is a free distribution and advertising channel, so requiring a marketing miracle for the owner is at least out of place. you are absolutely right - you can use it, but you don't have to

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 October 2016 / 09: 16

      You don't even know how many people complain about even cut ranges. The topic of social media is close to me because of my profession. I watch several groups that are associated with it and read a constant lament on FB; P

  10. Avatar Dagmara Stolarczyk 26 October 2016 / 07: 11

    In fact, ranges recently flew? Well, but they say that good content defends itself, so I hope it really is so? I have a private account, although I got so excited about the fp outlet that I rarely get anything there

  11. Avatar Joanna Kołpak 26 October 2016 / 06: 56

    Indeed, FB policy is irritating me more and I don't like the fact that there is basically no one to contact there to do the basic things.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 October 2016 / 07: 02

      The fact is that contact is very difficult. Unless you have a business account - then it's a little easier. Although the service still leaves much to be desired 😉

  12. Avatar Anonymous 25 October 2016 / 20: 07

    I don't have an account on fb and I'm proud of it 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 October 2016 / 21: 15

      If you don't have a blog or work on social media, you don't need to have 🙂

  13. Avatar nude shades 25 October 2016 / 17: 47

    I only have an FB account because of my blog, nothing is happening on my private account, there is not even half a friend there. Somehow I don't feel blog FB, I have "because it's good to have", but I definitely prefer IG :)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 October 2016 / 21: 16

      I also do not use a private account, and do not wait - I use to chat with friends 🙂

    • Avatar nude shades 26 October 2016 / 18: 41

      I don't have any + there in other name;))

  14. Avatar Beauty B. 25 October 2016 / 16: 38

    You must also spend some time on your Facebook account for it to work well 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 October 2016 / 16: 40

      In fact, every social media needs time to be spent if you want to succeed 🙂

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