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Snail on the face - Mizon cream All In One

Mizon cream All In One
(Mizon, Mizon-polska.pl)

I have heard about the Mizon brand a long time ago, but the products of this company were always poorly available. When I got the proposal to test cosmetics of this brand from Mizon Polska, I was very happy.

The first to go was All In One cream because I was most curious about it. I asked among friends, read opinions about him and my curiosity was even greater. A lot of girls are very good about him ... and how was it with me?

The All In One cream contains 92% snail filtrate and has firming, anti-wrinkle and repair properties. Works effectively on discoloration.

The product is odorless and its consistency is slightly mucous (actually like snail mucus;)).
I tested the Asian cream all over the face and neck. I applied a thicker layer to the pimple (subcutaneous lump, which in time turned into a purulent pimple), which popped out on my temple, and after three days there was no trace of it. There is also no discoloration - you can hardly see a pimple ever being there.
The cream absorbs quickly, leaves no layer. It mattes my skin very well, so much that I apply less and less recently BB cream, because the skin looks so good (only for larger outputs when I want to unify it).
After using 3 cream I noticed the first changes on my face. The skin is actually toned and has gained shine, which can be seen with the naked eye. The discoloration that I had on my chin (quite large) began to brighten and I don't even know when it became invisible. They disappeared !?
I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to test this cream. Once again I found out that Asian cosmetics are second to none.


  1. Avatar Beauty B. 18 December 2016 / 16: 25

    The cream made me curious 😉

  2. Avatar Zaneta G. 24 March 2016 / 01: 03

    I know.
    At home, unfortunately, it was so. Regularity in all is negligible. That is why I am very happy with the decision taken over 2 years ago to move. I will not change my parents' habits (I don't think so, too). Fortunately, I woke up and started to take care of myself and try to stick to the provisions for care.
    Sometimes changes are good.
    Only that parents understand that without regularity (not only in terms of care) there are no effects.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 March 2016 / 07: 22

      How do I know this ... I have also changed everything after moving. I started to take care of myself, use better cosmetics and most importantly - eat healthier :))

  3. Avatar Zaneta G. 22 March 2016 / 12: 55

    I have him too. 😉 I have already started using and actually discoloration is reduced. 🙂
    For this I had a eye cream, but I gave it to my mother. 😉

    • Avatar Zaneta G. 23 March 2016 / 16: 43

      I hope that my mother will help and will use it. 😉
      Because knowing it will rarely use it. ; x
      I will oppress her at most 😛

    • Avatar [Email protected] 23 March 2016 / 16: 57

      Regular use is very important, otherwise you will not see the effects 🙁

  4. Avatar Natasza Miszczuk 25 February 2016 / 09: 44

    In this series I had gel and bb, both very good 😉 But I noticed that when using cream + gel + serum + bb there are no better effects than gel and BB alone, or maybe I used serum and cream too short, because I only had samples 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 February 2016 / 09: 59

      For me it looks like I'm using serum and cream. I use the cream every 2 days (alternating with the nutritional Resibo), and I use the serum 3x a week. I'm curious about this BB snail cream.

  5. Avatar kirei 25 February 2016 / 01: 00

    I'm tempted by BB cream, I have been planning to try it for a long time, but I use BB foundations and creams so slowly that finishing something borders on a miracle and hence my purchases in this category are very rare and modest ...

  6. Avatar Ela Folwark 24 February 2016 / 18: 41

    I am a fan of this cream - one of my favorites 🙂

  7. Avatar Classy Simple Life 24 February 2016 / 18: 34

    I have been a big fan of Asian cosmetics for over 5 years and Mizon cosmetics are one of my favorites 🙂 Best regards 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 February 2016 / 07: 13

      Nothing stands in the way, the link to the store is in the hihi note :)))

  8. Avatar Beauty Land 24 February 2016 / 18: 14

    Such a great healing effect. I want this cream too.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 February 2016 / 07: 14

      In that case, I invite you to shop at the Mizon-polska.pl online store 🙂

  9. Avatar Natalia O 24 February 2016 / 17: 49

    If it works on discoloration and moisturizes the skin, I should try it out 🙂

  10. Avatar powder compact 24 February 2016 / 16: 24

    Super cream, very tempting, I like Asian cosmetics 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 February 2016 / 07: 12

      Me too! I still have a face serum from this series. I will also say something more about him 🙂

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