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A way to fight hypothyroidism other than medication

Herbs of Father Klimuszko for hypothyroidism
Herbs of Father Klimuszko for hypothyroidism

I suffer from hypothyroidism, which I learned some time ago (over 2 years). Since then I take Euthyrox. I started with half 25 mg, and now I have taken half a 125 mg tablet from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday I took half a tablet of 125 mg + the whole 25mg. I had enough, because I didn't notice any difference, and subsequent visits did not bring the intended results.

I believe in the power of herbs, because they used to be treated only with herbs, which is why I started looking for herbs in the fight against my disease, which apparently cannot be cured. Or is it just a myth? Maybe hypothyroidism is a treatable ailment, and putties are pushed to us by doctors who do not quite know how to treat it?

Herbs of Father Klimuszko for hypothyroidism

I started looking for alternatives and one of them is herbs of Father Klimuszko for hypothyroidism. We drink herbs three times a day (we brew for 20 minutes under cover) half an hour before eating, which is the same as in the case of Euthyrox. The treatment is 3-stage. First, we drink the mixture until the end, then we take a break 7 days. After this time, we drink the mixture of herbs until the end and we take a break 12 days. The last stage is drinking the next mixture until the end. After this time we are to be healthy.
Father Klimuszko's herbs for hypothyroidism are mix of herbs, which include:
  • Knotweed herb (Polygoni avic. Herba)
  • Rosehip (Rosae Fructus)
  • Rowan fruit (Sorbi Fructus)
  • Oak bark (Quercus Cortex)
  • Nettle leaf (Urticae Folium)
  • Walnut leaf (Juglandis Folium)
  • Valerian root (Valerianae Radix)
  • Licorice Root (Glycyrrhizae Radix)
  • Icelandic lichen (Lichen islandicus)
Warning! We mix all herbs.
Herbs in taste are not overwhelming, but after a while my taste buds began to get used to it. Also, if these herbs are to help, the taste here is less important.
I started the herbal treatment with Father Klimuszko on November 10. One mix of herbs is sufficient for regular drinking (note 3x per day) per month. Will it be so - it will turn out soon. I am very curious about the results, because I read a lot of opinions about the effectiveness of these herbs, not only in this case, but also others. The effects were surprising, but I am skeptical about reviews read on the Internet. Word of mouth marketing is a very popular tool in selling various products.


  1. Avatar Monishka 11 July 2018 / 18: 32

    Do you brew one tablespoon each time (i.e. 3 tablespoons a day) Is it for the whole day?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 11 July 2018 / 19: 52

      Each time a 1 spoon, or 3 spoon a day.

  2. Avatar Anonymous 20 August 2017 / 18: 28

    have you already done tests? If so, how are the results?

    • Avatar dpblogpl 20 August 2017 / 19: 09

      Yes, I did last week. I have TSH 2,41 (previously I had 2,86).

      • Avatar Piotr 22 February 2018 / 05: 51

        How do I understand the previous result during pharmacological treatments and the latter with discontinued medications?

        • dpblogpl dpblogpl 23 February 2018 / 08: 43

          While taking Euthyrox I had TSH 2,86. After herbal treatment it fell to 2,41.

  3. Avatar tunia 20 July 2017 / 15: 29

    Hello, did drinking these herbs help anything? I am asking because I am currently on Euthyrox 75 and I started to look for natural methods to help myself, that's why I'm curious what effects were with you.

    • Avatar dpblogpl 20 July 2017 / 19: 09

      I am finished with 3 treatments and one complementary one. I will be doing research in the next 2 weeks, so I will check the results. I feel good overall. If I feel worse - I drink herbs (2-3 days in a row) and everything is back on track again.

  4. Avatar Kasia 18 April 2017 / 06: 16

    Every day I find that natural ways are the best medicine. Nature has given us so many valuable things, it is worth using them. medicinal herbs have never let me down. I have already discontinued pharmaceuticals and am only treating myself at home. It's nice that more and more people notice the positive effects of herbs 🙂

    • Avatar dpblogpl 18 April 2017 / 08: 55

      I have not taken Euthyrox for half a year. I have to go to research to confirm my theory that everything is okay. I feel very well 🙂

      • Avatar gosoaq 11 August 2018 / 16: 39

        Have you done research? Tsh normal after half a year of not using Euthyrox?
        Is your thyroid ok after about a year and a half or do you still need to take Euthyrox? Should you drink herbs at one time 3 sessions or continuously?
        Thank you in advance for your answers ☺

        • dpblogpl dpblogpl 11 August 2018 / 21: 53

          Hi, unfortunately I stopped the treatment because preparing tea at work was troublesome. However, I would like to return to herbs. For now, I take euthyrox as a donor 62,5 5x a week, and weekend 50 mg.

          We drink herbs with a break of several days 3x

    • Avatar dpblogpl 7 March 2017 / 20: 20

      I'm in the middle of it. I haven't done the results yet 🙂

  5. Avatar Beauty B. 7 March 2017 / 14: 31

    I wish the treatment worked. I believe in herbs 🙂

  6. Avatar Izabela Miszczyk 17 December 2016 / 21: 10

    I appreciate natural methods for many ailments. And my grandfather had great herbal knowledge and made mixtures for many diseases.

  7. Avatar Tedi 17 December 2016 / 20: 34

    I don't have thyroid problems yet, but it's worth knowing for the future 🙂

  8. Avatar Ola Jurkowska 17 December 2016 / 14: 42

    I wish it would help. For example, I praise tansy. It is true for other ailments, but in the end it is also a herb and helps me :)

  9. Avatar Bookendorfin by Izabela Pycio 10 December 2016 / 07: 38

    I use herbs and although their action is undeniable, but also long-lasting, positive attitude is also important. 🙂

  10. Avatar Vasko Da Gana 26 November 2016 / 12: 38

    I wonder, my mother has a thyroid disease, I'm waiting for results!

    • Avatar dpblogpl 27 November 2016 / 20: 38

      A lot of people have thyroid problems 🙁

  11. Avatar Madame Giussani 26 November 2016 / 09: 21

    I also suffer from hypothyroidism and have been experimenting a lot for over 2 years. I haven't heard of such a mixture yet. I am looking forward to the next post in which we will learn about the effects. 🙂

    • Avatar dpblogpl 27 November 2016 / 20: 38

      And what did you take as part of the experiments? I am happy to read about your experiences 🙂

  12. Avatar Małgosia Good Herb 26 November 2016 / 08: 57

    Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's disease are the scourge of our time - most often affect young women. As a dietitian and a person suffering from Hashimoto, I think that it is worth reaching for alternative methods and, above all, changing your lifestyle and diet, discard dairy products and gluten (or at least limit the latter). After all, you need to monitor the state of the thyroid gland in ultrasound and determine the level of hormones ft3 and ft4. Sometimes you have to take medication for the rest of your life, but it's better to put on a proper diet and herbal treatments.

    • Avatar dpblogpl 27 November 2016 / 20: 44

      I just switched to gluten-free bread because I noticed that I am flatulent and lazy. I feel light, just fine after eating gluten-free sandwiches. I have to observe this because I have never demonized gluten, but I think there is something to it.

  13. Avatar Anka from Kolorowamatka.pl 22 November 2016 / 11: 54

    I wonder if it will affect your body and how. I struggle with thyroid disease myself and read the results of your efforts.
    It is widely known that herbs and proper nutrition can help in all kinds of diseases. I changed my diet style taking into account my health shortcomings and so far I am happy with the results.

    • Avatar dpblogpl 27 November 2016 / 20: 46

      I have to wait for the effects. I'm just undergoing treatment. I have the impression that one mix of herbs lasts for more than a month. No matter how long I drink it, it's important that it works! 🙂

  14. Avatar Classy Simple Life 21 November 2016 / 21: 33

    5 Years ago I was diagnosed with hashimoto hypothyroidism ... after a year a tumor appeared ... biopsies and finally surgery to remove the thyroid gland and lymph nodes ... the business was ok ... I accept Eutyrox from the very beginning. I started with 25uq and now I accept 125uq. I have to take medicine every day for the rest of my life ... I got used to scars and medicines ... I hope that herbs will help you Dominika. I wish you health - greetings 🙂

    • Avatar dpblogpl 22 November 2016 / 07: 47

      I feel sorry ... for me it is not all fortunately so advanced. I have hypothyroidism, but I also have increased hormone flow. I don't remember exactly what my disease name is called.

      I have been drinking herbs since 10 in November, but unfortunately I don't manage to drink 3x a day every day, because I'm not always at home before eating. Last weeks are really crazy. Nevertheless, I drink these 2x daily and we will see if it will not be enough.

    • Avatar Reni Blog 26 November 2016 / 09: 31

      I have heard that sea algae are also helpful in thyroid failure. Reflexology also helps to some extent. I hope your herbs will bring the intended results. I wish you good luck and perseverance :)

    • Avatar dpblogpl 27 November 2016 / 20: 49

      Unfortunately, it is probably the lichen that makes the taste of these herbs not the most pleasant 😉 The most important thing is that they work!

  15. Avatar Patricia 17 November 2016 / 12: 42

    I also suffer from hypothyroidism, I have just started treatment, I will see the results. I wonder if the treatment will help you.

    • Avatar dpblogpl 18 November 2016 / 07: 38


  16. Avatar Karolina Moskalik 17 November 2016 / 12: 25

    Herbs do wonders ... my mother-in-law drinks herbal teas for various diseases and is very happy. Somehow I have no conviction, but probably if I had something I would try every way 🙂

    • Avatar dpblogpl 18 November 2016 / 07: 40

      I believe in the power of herbs - silica tea saved my hair from total destruction.

  17. Avatar Ewa - BaBy in the kitchen 17 November 2016 / 12: 06

    I can't drink herbal tea in any form. This aroma rejects me. I can swallow everything else, but I can't convince myself of herbs ...

    • Avatar dpblogpl 17 November 2016 / 12: 12

      I just like all herbal teas. This is not the tastiest one, but if it is to help the taste is secondary here 😉

    • Avatar Unknown 8 September 2017 / 11: 40

      If you can't drink it, you have a very polluted organism or worms.

  18. Avatar Make Happy Life 17 November 2016 / 12: 03

    And I recently found out that I have thyroid problems. Unfortunately, it turned out to be subacute thyroiditis. At the next visit I will find out how the blood results. I hope I don't have to take hormones, I'm curious about these herbs 😉

    • Avatar dpblogpl 17 November 2016 / 12: 11

      Unfortunately, I have to worry you - thyroid problems are treated only with hormones 🙁

  19. Avatar AniaGotuje.pl 17 November 2016 / 11: 52

    I will forward the post and information to my mother-in-law ... she should try.

    • Avatar dpblogpl 17 November 2016 / 12: 13

      Also has thyroid problems?

  20. Avatar Jolanta W. 17 November 2016 / 00: 39

    I wanted to ask how many grams the herbs should be, because I wanted to make such a mixture myself - thank you in advance for your answer! 🙂

    • Avatar dpblogpl 17 November 2016 / 07: 43

      The mix is ​​accurately calculated. It is probably thanks to the right proportions this mix works. I can't tell you how many grams the packaging of each had (you get each ingredient separately and mix them together). You have to wait until I buy another package, then I will see if the weight is written on each package.

    • Avatar dpblogpl 17 November 2016 / 07: 40

      I invite you to follow the blog, you will definitely not miss a post with information like a cure - whether it worked or not 🙂

  21. Avatar Samanta 16 November 2016 / 17: 45

    I am very curious about these herbs 🙂

  22. Avatar Lalo.mama 16 November 2016 / 14: 58

    I even have a book with herbal mixtures of Father Klimuszko at home and I did not think to look there ...

    • Avatar dpblogpl 16 November 2016 / 15: 26

      Is there such a thing? I have to get it. Apparently, Father Klimuszki's recipes are very effective 🙂

  23. Avatar Edyta My piece of floor 16 November 2016 / 14: 34

    Good to know for the future! In fact, it turns out that quite a lot of different types of diseases can be cured or at least delayed by natural means. A valuable entry 🙂

  24. Avatar Zuzanna Gajewska 16 November 2016 / 13: 38

    I love herbs in the kitchen, preferably fresh, but I usually use ready-made flats. I rarely reach for herbal teas, infusions, I prefer ordinary black tea, flavored or fruit. It is true that I have no problems with the thyroid gland, but I think that it would be good for me, so maybe it is worth changing my habits 😉


    • Avatar dpblogpl 17 November 2016 / 12: 15

      Herbal teas are very healthy 🙂

  25. Avatar Justine 16 November 2016 / 13: 28

    For now I am chewing on licorice root - for a long time, several times a day 🙂
    But I like herbal teas, so maybe I'll buy myself a mix 🙂

    • Avatar dpblogpl 17 November 2016 / 12: 17

      What is the purpose of chewing on licorice root? Let me know, although I don't know if I will find out, because its taste rejects me.

    • Avatar Justine 10 December 2016 / 13: 26

      also supposedly works well on the thyroid 🙂

  26. Avatar Greg and Mika 15 November 2016 / 21: 57

    I am underactive and I am very curious about these herbs, please let me know how they work ... I am currently taking Letrox

    • Avatar dpblogpl 15 November 2016 / 22: 08

      Who nowadays has no problems with the thyroid gland ... Among my friends, every second person has hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism: / I will let you know, I'm curious about the results myself. Just to the endocrinologist for control I'm going in March :)

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