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Darsonval - a proven way to treat acne

I got a lot of emails and comments that most of you didn't get the Darsonval user manual. That's why today I come to the rescue - I will pass on to you what I received from the seller who sold me Darsonval.

Darsonval is the best and proven way to treat acne. Otherwise you can fight it with acne at home. This device is easily accessible. You can buy them in online stores or on Allegro. We can also do the first darsonval treatment at a good cosmetician.

darsonval with pelottes

Correct use of the Darsonval device

  1. We try to place the hand on the Darsonval's handle low (at the power cable), a higher grip on Darsonval may unnecessarily take currents through our hand and reduce the effectiveness of the treatments.
  2. After each treatment (the pelota has cooled down), we disinfect it (I use hydrogen peroxide or colloidal silver for this).
  3. Darsonval we work only dry, without any cosmetics, on dry skin (after washing, wait for it to dry completely), similarly with the hair - they must be completely dry.
  4. The frequency of use depends on many factors, however it can be assumed that:
  • for the purpose of stimulating microcirculation in the skin (general pelottic mushroom massage), the procedure is performed 1-2 times a month,
  • for healing current skin breakouts for a short period of time, we can use Darsonval every 1-2 days
  • all scalp, antibacterial, etc. treatments are carried out 1-2 times a week for 4-6 weeks, followed by 1-2 treatments twice a month

Below you can see how to use darsonval with 'mushroom' pelota. We use this pelota for larger areas which is, among others face, back or cleavage. For smaller surfaces, we use a 'tear' pelota or pelota for darsonval spot treatment.

See the video using Darsonval: I use Darsonval regularly (currently once every 2 weeks, unless something pops up, then more often) ⚡ Darsonval is great at acne, but not only. I also use it on hair to stimulate bulbs ❤

A detailed description of the treatments with the help of the darsonval device

1. Mushroom pelotte massage - thoroughly clean the face and wait for the skin to dry completely. We do massage in small round movements from forehead to nose, right cheek, chin, left cheek, nose. Repeat several times without stopping the pelottes during the procedure in one place. Time of surgery: 5-15 minutes power: 50-60%

2. Treatment of pimples with mushroom or scattering - thoroughly clean the treatment area and wait for it to dry. The tip of the pelota is put to the place of treatment at 10 and we peel off. We repeat 2-3 times. power: 40-75% - alternatively we put the pelottes on 2-3 seconds and peel off the skin repeatedly (6-10 times) power: 50-100%

3. Cleansing and treatment of the scalp with a pelotte comb - we assemble the pelota. We comb the hair by touching the scalp with the comb leading the hair in the direction of the growing hair (from top to bottom). Time of surgery: 5-15 minutes power: 30-60%


  1. Avatar Gosienka2 16 May 2018 / 00: 21

    Darsonval is great for bacterial acne, it dilates blood vessels strongly. It worked out well for me.
    However, it is not recommended for vascular, sensitive skin, acne rosacea. Or vascular neurosis often lasts a long time and it is worth remembering!
    I used to buy at a fairly good price, I don't know how it is now, but it's worth looking at 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 16 May 2018 / 07: 30

      I still use darsonval not only for my complexion, but also my hair. I love this device 🙂

  2. Avatar Kasia Katarzyna 13 April 2016 / 16: 57

    "all scalp, antibacterial, etc. treatments are carried out 1-2 times a week for 4-6 weeks, followed by 1-2-like treatments times a month" ... Either I changed my mind or read somewhere that I can do my head every day : / I care about this because I have thinning hair and now I do not know myself but I do not want to exaggerate.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 April 2016 / 17: 03

      No, we apply to the scalp as above. Daily use is not recommended, only acne is recommended spot treatments max 3-4 minutes.

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