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Styling for a business meeting or conference

In July we were at the See Bloggers conference. This is one of the biggest events directed to Bloggers that takes place in Gdynia. During the conference you can take part in thematic lectures (including beauty and fashion, general [on how to develop a blog], parenting or cooking zone). This year we decided not to sign up for any of the lectures, because we were most interested in general.

We took part in, among others in a great lecture on Instagram and a recipe for success on this social network. Anyway, this lecture gathered a full room (for good reason). Unfortunately, this year we were unable to attend Fashionelka's speech, because we had a previously arranged business meeting. It is a pity, because last year's lecture made a huge impression on me. I haven't received such a motivational kick in a long time. It was thanks to the speech and individual conversation after the lecture that we decided to focus on blog development. Thanks Fash!
For the first day of the See Bloggers conference, I chose a linen jacket and pants from H&M Premium. Linen clothes are great for warm days because they are very airy and light. I selected a viscose floral blouse with a jacket and trousers Tatuum (currently on sale!) and the most comfortable (and elegant) sandals from CCC in the world. Extras: a handbag (gift from Italy), a Apart silver watch and pearl earrings from the same company. Below a similar stylization.

Similar stylization can be found here


  1. Avatar Aleksandra Bohojło / Esencja 22 August 2016 / 08: 35

    Styling in white is a challenge for me, but I am happy to combine, for example, white pants with a black blouse and footwear.

  2. Avatar Izabela Kornet 22 August 2016 / 07: 21

    A good option, I should just start preparing my wardrobe, because on Saturday WroBlog awaits me, later I run a workshop for Babafest and in November I organize an event for bloggers with educational panels, so ... man, I can't look the same everywhere! 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 22 August 2016 / 07: 41

      Wow! How much is going on 🙂 So you must think about what to wear!

  3. Avatar prostoofinansach 17 August 2016 / 15: 50

    Hmm, I was at work today in a white coat, somehow the boss didn't like it, at least I think so. But for conferences the most nice idea.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 17 August 2016 / 15: 56

      In the summer, a bright jacket is a good idea. However, it is known that everything depends on the industry in which you work.

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