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Nuxe dry body oil
Nuxe dry body oil

The Nuxe dry oil review fits perfectly with the Paris week on our blog. Nuxe has its headquarters as well as roots in France. I have dreamed about Nuxe dry body oil for a long time. When it finally hit my hands, it immediately amazed me with its packaging. It's beautiful!

This version of the oil has an atomizer, thanks to which we do not consume too much product. And if I have already mentioned consumption - oil is very efficient. All you need is a few flashes to cover the whole body with oil.
The oil is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky layer on the skin, making it an ideal product for the summer. In addition, it beautifully highlights the tan, even though my version is without particles (which I personally don't like).
Nuxe dry oil has many uses - it can be used on the body, hair and even on the face. I used oil only on the body. In the morning, during the day, and in the evening (of course not on the same day). During the day I enjoy it because it moisturizes nicely and at the same time does not grease my clothes. In the evening after the evening toilet I like to spray the body with it.
The next day after waking up, my skin is moisturized and bright. It's just full of life. I already know why French have such beautiful bodies - it's probably Nuxe oil that does not work like that 😉

The oil will also work as a hair gloss. This is definitely a healthier version of this type of cosmetics.

The product has a very specific smell. It's too intense for me. However, I know that many girls like him very much.

Is it worth buying Nuxe body oil? In my opinion, yes, because first of all it looks beautiful on the dressing table, and secondly it really moisturizes the skin without the "sticky" effect. Only the smell could be less intense, although after some time I got used to it and now I do not mind.


  1. Avatar Beauty B. 7 December 2016 / 17: 26

    It is an oil that I will gladly try 🙂

  2. Avatar Sun painted 10 September 2016 / 10: 39

    I haven't had contact with this cosmetic yet. 🙂

  3. Avatar agata 7 September 2016 / 09: 35

    I recommend vegan oil gives nice effects 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 September 2016 / 09: 52

      What exactly vegan oil? Because vegan is coconut, rapeseed, linseed, pumpkin seed 😀

  4. Avatar Gobli.pl 6 September 2016 / 13: 23

    For some time I have a taste for this oil and now nothing stops me from buying it 😉 Thank you for the review and best regards: *

  5. Avatar KosmetykoFanki 4 September 2016 / 12: 46

    I have and I love him especially the version with flecks 🙂

  6. Avatar Zaneta Serocka 4 September 2016 / 11: 56

    beautiful wonderful, background in three dimensions for this oil, one day I will reach for it, however, I am more interested in this gold version with flecks

  7. Avatar Ewelina K. 4 September 2016 / 11: 52

    I know this oil well. Its properties are ok, but I don't like it because of the tiring smell;)

  8. Avatar Kathy Leonia 4 September 2016 / 11: 46

    I've heard a lot about this oil but I haven't tested it myself. but who knows maybe someday :) I'm watching :)

  9. Avatar GlowUp.pl 4 September 2016 / 09: 21

    I heard and read a lot about this oil. The price was also a bit deterrent, but I see that it is worth it 🙂
    Best wishes

  10. Avatar Classy Simple Life 3 September 2016 / 09: 39

    I honestly admit that I was waiting for a review of this product Dominiko 😉 I have been thinking about buying this product for some time, but the price has always slowed me down ... and the lack of reliable review, despite the fact that oil is a fairly popular product and appears on many blogs, they didn't quite convince me to buy the opinions of others ... Reading your opinion I made sure about the purchase and I will definitely buy the oil in the near future. So thank you and best regards 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 September 2016 / 14: 05

      I think you will also be satisfied with this oil. Are you going to use it only for the body or also on the face and hair?

  11. Avatar Beauty B. 2 September 2016 / 17: 44

    It looks very luxurious 😉

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