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Floral dress stylization

I don't think I'm used to the heat we have been experiencing in Warsaw for several days. There was always a wind in the Tri-City, even when it was hot, and here it is just a breeze. I love the heat, that's why I don't complain, unlike 90% of people in public transport.

Yesterday was a nice day, because we took photos of stylization, and then we met the family in El Krepel and ate my favorite donuts with white chocolate and salted caramel. Anyone who has not been there and has not eaten delicious donuts must make up for it. In addition to buds, I recommend taking a picture on the wall of artificial flowers and using a marbled motif on the tables. This cafe is totally #instafriendly

I think you see me in this style for the first time. Of course, the main role here is a floral dress. Although at first I was not convinced of its length (I always thought that in such a length I look bad), but with high-heeled sandals it fits perfectly. In addition, it is made of viscose, making it light and breathable. Remember to pay special attention to the materials from which the clothes are made in the summer.

Floral dress stylization

Dress - Clickfashion

Hat - Zalando

Shoes - Zalando

Gold bracelet - H&M

Gold ring - H&M


  1. Avatar Cecilia 4 June 2018 / 15: 11

    Beautiful dress, a hat just the same as perfect for such a dress 🙂 Obligatory shoes on a high heel 😀

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 4 June 2018 / 17: 47

      Definitely high heels with such a dress obowiąz

  2. Avatar Magdalena 2 June 2018 / 13: 48

    great dress, very much in my style :) I love floral dresses 😉

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 4 June 2018 / 17: 49

      I never used to wear such dresses, but it's time to change it 😉

  3. Avatar Classy Simple Life 1 June 2018 / 22: 42

    Super ootd and beautiful pictures! Personally, I'm a big fan of dresses, but I don't like skirts spód I recently decided to buy a floral dress to refresh my Capsule Wardrobe a bit 😉 Waiting for the next stylizations - I cordially greet 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 2 June 2018 / 09: 22

      I'm not a fan of skirts either, but I love dresses 🙂

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