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Super Bubel, or Super Power Mezo cream

Enchanted by the great action of the Bielenda mask with mandelic acid, I decided to also buy cream from this series.
I must admit that I was looking for a cheaper alternative for Bandi cream that will work as well as my huge favorite.
Was it worth the risk? You'll find out in a moment.
The cream has a very light texture, its aroma is pleasant, slightly citrus. I used it at night and also during the day (when I didn't leave the house).
The product itself is enclosed in a glass jar. Woe to those who fall to the floor because they can collect glass for the next few days.
In the composition of this product you can find mandelic acid, lactobionic acid, as well as vitamin. B3.
Of course, the manufacturer's promises to give the skin a look ten years younger I took with a grain of salt, but the promise of reducing acne once and for all gave me great hopes.
My complexion is currently in good condition, but it still has more or less visible imperfections, more or less often coming out.
Last year, I discovered the beneficial effects of mandelic acid, which keeps it in check, that was the reason why I tried this cream.
The beginnings of using this cream brought great hope. For 20 - a few zlotys I got a cream that didn't clog me. I thought so, but then the nightmare came.
At the end of using this product, pimples appeared on the face. However, they were not small pimples that I could hide, and large pimples that could be seen for a kilometer.
I was also surprised that the cream slightly dried my face (which never happened with Bandi cream).
Interestingly, P. was the same. At the beginning a great delight, and at the end a great clogging.
The tip of the cream landed in the basket, and I returned to the Bandi cream. It's a pity that this product did not turn out to be as delightful as a mask or serum, about which I will say a few words soon.


  1. Avatar KamiluŚkaa 8 February 2015 / 21: 19

    It is a pity that it did not work: /

  2. Avatar Kaprysek 8 February 2015 / 12: 35

    For now, I only had a tonic that was sensational. I am also tempted by this serum, but for now my face is capricious as never and the serum must wait; /

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 10 February 2015 / 18: 15

      I like the serum a lot, although P. had a rash after it. I use them 2x a week.

  3. Avatar Kaminska 7 February 2015 / 07: 07

    I am curious about this serum, so I am waiting for the next review.
    It's good that you wrote about this cream, recently I was thinking about buying it, thankfully you warned me. What exactly is the Bandi cream you write about? 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 7 February 2015 / 08: 49

      The serum is very cool, but the cream is a total bottom: /

  4. Avatar Kasia Innooka 6 February 2015 / 19: 27

    I don't know why, but I don't buy cosmetics from this company ... 😛

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 7 February 2015 / 08: 50

      They have several pearls in their offer;)

  5. Avatar robin 6 February 2015 / 18: 45

    A lot of girls praise this serum. I am drawn to try them out, but at the same time I know that my skin is an individualist. Both effaclar duo and effaclar duo + did not work for me although on the internet I came across ochy and achy at his address. Maybe someday if I hunt for a promotion I will be tempted. I am currently taking AHA / BHA 10% tonic from Biochemistry of Beauty. 🙂 as for the cream ... maybe there is some ingredient that doesn't serve you. Ps. Today I got the eveline 3 in 1 conditioner. Your delight decides to finally be mine! ; D

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 7 February 2015 / 08: 51

      My skin also has its whims, but this serum is ok. For me, effeclar did not work either. I had a terrible spill after him. I think even somewhere on the blog is info info
      Have fun testing the conditioner! :)) Let me know how it works.

  6. Avatar nude shades 6 February 2015 / 16: 56

    For me, this cream also did not work :( but a brilliant serum :)

  7. Avatar Wing 6 February 2015 / 14: 15

    Oh, it's a pity that it caused such a rash; /

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