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Parisian wardrobe, and minimalist wardrobe - differences and similarities

Parisian minimalismReading a book Be chic Émilie Albertini I noticed some similarities between the Parisian wardrobe and the minimalist wardrobe. Parisian wardrobe and minimalist wardrobe are almost the same! Parisian clothes are classic and of good quality. It's like a minimalist's wardrobe, right? Reading the book Be chic! it dawned on me why I like Parisians style so much.

How has my style changed over the years?

My style has changed a lot over the years. The corporation I worked in and the requirement to wear elegant clothes had a great impact on my wardrobe. I liked classic, elegant clothes, but I'm still not convinced by material pants. I definitely prefer jeans and those in two colors are in my wardrobe (lighter and darker). By the way jeans - for several years I have been buying High Waist Hannah jeans only at Cubus. This model fits me very much in terms of workmanship, I feel good in them (I do not like hipsters and I have been looking for high-waisted jeans for a long time), in addition, they do not wear off as quickly as the jeans I bought at H&M or Reserved.

A small black dress, which should be in every wardrobe click

In high school I used to reach for jeans (tubes), t-shirt and sweatshirt. For this sports shoes. This style suited me a lot, because then comfort was the most important for me. When I went to college, my style became more feminine. During my studies I also started my first job in the hair salon at the reception. Getting started also had an impact on what I started to wear. I changed my T-shirt to women's blouses, cardigans, I started wearing high heels, although I still reached for comfortable sneakers and sweatshirts. It was also the time when I started wearing makeup. Earlier I didn't paint at all, except for parties. Never to school because in my high school the headmaster introduced a makeup ban. Interestingly, junior high school students went painted and nobody made a big problem of it.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the note - I worked in a corporation, which had elegant office outfits from Monday to Thursday. Outdoor shoes, jeans or flashy outfits were unacceptable. Then I fell in love with classic and elegant styles. My wardrobe has changed dramatically. I threw out 95% of my clothes and went shopping. I started to wear shirts, cloth pants (which we didn't like) or jackets (which are with me to this day).

Polka-dot blouse (similar blouse) - click
Jeans click
Beige trench coat click
Silver watch click
MK Jet Set bag click (cheaper -15%)
Zing ballerina click

Parisian and minimalist wardrobe

There was a time in my life when I stood in front of my wardrobe and said that I had nothing to wear. It's probably a classic situation known to most women. I also belonged to this group until I read the book Slow Fashion. This book completely changed my life because I began to pay attention to the quality of clothes, and my wardrobe, despite the significant reduction in the number of clothes, is now very organized.

A book, or rather a guide on dressing is a great source of inspiration. The guide contains properly the most necessary clothes and accessories that will allow you to build a minimalist Parisian wardrobe. The coolest is that often specific models of shoes or bags are served that will work for every occasion. Of course, we do not have to suggest it, i.e. buy this model specifically, but it is a kind of inspiration.

Cosmetic minimalism - how to organize your cosmetics? click

Thanks to this guide, I realized the shortcomings I have in my closet (and I thought I had everything). It turned out that I have the biggest shortages in ... shoes. It's true, it's true - I miss Oxford, flip-flops for summer and flat sandals. And trench coat. Only here there is a bigger problem - there are trench coats in stores only with a weak composition (I looked at trench coats in Zarze, H&M, Reserved, Mango and I have no ideas where to find something decent). At the weekend I will go to TK Maxx hoping that maybe I will finally find a decent trench coat in the spring.

In my opinion, it is worth having a dressing guide at home, which is very helpful not only in completing the wardrobe, but also on days when you totally don't know what to wear. If you're struggling with this problem, this book will definitely help you tame your wardrobe.


    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 May 2017 / 21: 46

      I also did cleaning today, but also cosmetics. Two moves and minimalism meant that I have so few things that I wouldn't have anything to sell haha

  1. Avatar Dimeka 27 April 2017 / 21: 25

    It's good to be a man ... 🙂

  2. Avatar Anna Jędrzejewska 27 April 2017 / 12: 08

    Although I do not have my favorite wardrobe yet, I have less and less problems with clothes. And I also like the "Parisian" style - elegant, but with some freedom 🙂 I also like the style you provided, although I would prefer stripes rather than dots 🙂

  3. Avatar Project Taste 27 April 2017 / 11: 24

    I always know now what to wear and where to go 🙂 You need to find your style. Once I had a problem finding this something 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 27 April 2017 / 12: 49

      Refining your own style is a fairly lengthy process. Later, you can only enjoy the fact that finally there is something to wear :))

  4. Avatar Asai 27 April 2017 / 10: 40

    When it comes to clothes, I'm always a minimalist alist

    • Avatar [Email protected] 27 April 2017 / 10: 43

      I used to have a lot of clothes that I didn't like or wear. Today I open the wardrobe and I have no problem what to wear. It's great comfort and saves time.

  5. Avatar Laura LR 27 April 2017 / 10: 26

    Interesting post 😉 I would also like to read this guide and that she is lost in her own style and as usual I do not have what to wear hehe 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 27 April 2017 / 10: 42

      In that case, I recommend you not only the Slow Fashion book by Joanna Glogazy, but also the Be chic guide! Émilie Albertini. Thanks to these two books, I organized my wardrobe in 100% 🙂

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