Cosmetic trends of the year 2013

When it comes to spectacular changes in cosmetics, they will have their great premiere CC creams.

After the big shawl for BB creams, the time has come to improve these products and introduce something better. The abbreviation CC comes from Color Correcting. CC creams are designed to mask imperfections more accurately and also contain even more anti-aging ingredients. And it seemed that BB creams were just perfect and you couldn't find anything better.

On the Asian market we can already find Chanel cream, while in the US - Olay brand. They will not be available until May. I feel that all kinds of products from the type will also be a great favorite tint, i.e. cosmetics with extended durability on the skin.

They can even "push" traditional lip glosses or eye shadows from the market. After all, each of us wants to look like she has just used lip gloss - as long as possible. They will experience their great publicity false eyelashesthat will experience a real come back next year. Especially in spring and summer. We can buy and stick them on our own, or opt for eyelash extensions at the beautician's.

Of the cosmetic trends for the new year, I really like the return to claw nails, i.e. very long nails usually painted in bright colors. In my opinion, they are completely non-functional and very uncomfortable, especially I do not recommend working with a computer.

I believe that the year 2013 will be a year of a growing shift away from chemical cosmetics in favor of the natural ones. More and more cosmetics companies announce the release organic cosmetics. There is nothing else to do but wait.