Last minute gifts for women

Have you already had a Christmas fever? We are preparing for Christmas in full swing. It is true that I will be doing all dishes only on Friday and Saturday, but every now and then I add something to the shopping list. I figured out that in addition to pumpkin seed pate and oyster mushrooms in oil a la herring I will make a kinder country vegan cake. I am very curious how it tastes (because it looks delicious!).
If you do not have all the gifts yet or you may have forgotten that there is a woman in your family who will come on Christmas Eve and you also need to buy a gift for her, I drop a list of last minute gifts for women.
list of last minute gifts for ladies

Apparently, it is said that Christmas is not only gifts, and their origin is different, but I do not know how you - I really like giving gifts to loved ones. It is true that this year we can not afford it because of the move (deposit + fees, buying furniture, you know how it is). If your situation is different, I recommend using the list above. Each of the ladies will definitely be pleased with one of these gifts. I don't want to suggest anything, but the handbag and gold earrings also seduced me ...
And on Thursday, next recipes for vegan Christmas Eve, including my favorite pumpkin seed pate to which you can add cranberry, dried mushrooms or other Christmas additions, e.g. dried plum. It is delicious in itself and with additions it will definitely be even tastier.

2016 Christmas men's wishlist

2016 Christmas men's wishlist
2016 Christmas men's wishlist

He appeared on the blog Dominika's entry and her chistist, now it's time for the male version of the wishlist.

The list of dream gifts can be helpful not only for my other half but also for everyone who does not yet know what they want to give to their loved ones.

  • Bugatti leather wallet - I have been using my current portfolio for over 8 years, which is why it is heavily depleted. I have been looking for the perfect replacement for a long time. I know Bugatti very well because I had several leather cases for this company. There was nothing else for me to say goodbye to my old wallet.
  • USB Flash Drive Aston Martin 8 GB - I like this type of gadget, so it's a perfect gift for me. Two years ago he appeared on the blog post with a proposal of gifts for men, I still use the described Porsche USB mouse. Every time someone sees her for the first time, she asks curiously where she can buy such a gadget.
  • Calvin Klein Truth for Men - I think this scent will never get boring. I have tried many times to change the fragrance. When I decided to buy other perfumes, CK always won. The smell is fresh and energetic, it stays on the skin for a long time.
  • Xbox One S console - each of us has something of a child, regardless of gender or age. I love spending my free time at the console. I currently have a console The Xbox One I wrote about on the blog. And as you know, the changes introduced by Microsoft are encouraging to replace the console with a new one, especially since the console is smaller and without a power supply. In addition, buying the Xbox One S we get a built-in UHD Blu-ray player for free.
  • Games on Xbox One - As for the console, it's best to play the latest title on it. As an avid football fan, it's a must for me Fifa 17. I also love playing Star Wars Battlefront. The latest add-on is available today. "Rogue 1 ″ If you don't have the game itself or the previous three additions, nothing is lost. In the offer from me you will find the game and all add-ons and improvements for 130 PLN. By buying add-ons separately you will spend 180 PLN. Good advice for Mikołaj;)
  • Xbox One accessories - Console wish list is completed with accessories such as a disk Seagate 2TB HDD and additional Pad for Xbox One.
  • Kiomi watch - I have dreamed of a watch with a blue dial and a silver bracelet for a long time. Kiomi watch will perfectly match the styling with a white shirt.
  • Philips S5420 / 06 shaver - I do not hide that I would not be offended if Santa gave me such a wonderful gift. The shaver is comfortable to use and in the long run more economical than traditional machine.