Denko: September 2015 part 1

September's bottom is huge. And this is due to the fact that many cosmetics that have been with me for the last year and must be in the basket. I say goodbye to many products and hope that I will come back to them soon, and some I throw away with great relief.
Not extending - I invite you to part 1 of the September bottom.


  1. Bandi, cream with mandelic acid gave way to another Bandi acid cream. I will come back to this cream, but at the moment I need something stronger, because autumn is a perfect time for acids! I will buy again.
  2. Vichy, Capital Solei - sunscreen. We used this cream together with Piotr during the last 2 spring and summer seasons. It's nice that it didn't clog, however, as it turned out, my complexion doesn't need such a large filter. Rather, I will not return to it unless Piotr wants to buy it again.
  3. Sylveco, a light sea-buckthorn cream I received in the amount of several samples, which I have already shown on Instagram it has a slightly orange color, which does not look too good with careless spreading. It does not clog, it is not heavy and greasy, but I did not quite like it with him. I have the impression that my skin takes on a strange color after applying this product. I do not buy.
  4. Sylveco, lavender day cream - I have already written about this product here and I didn't change my mind. In my opinion, it is more suitable for normal and dry skin. Rather I will not buy again.
  5. Purederm, slices for acne - sELL which few. I managed to use the last packaging (I'm not a fan of throwing things that I will not use in any way). I will not buy again.
  6. Kneipp, arnica oil - I used oil for make-up removal. He was great in this role. Initially, his smell irritated me, but over time I liked him a lot. I returned to Bio-oil, but arnica will probably stay with me. I will buy again.
  7. Colloidal Silver - is still my big one favorite however, I am currently using the Bandi cellular activator. I will return to silver for sure.


  1. Bell, hypoallergenic eye shadow, which was mainly used to illuminate the corners of the eye. This is my second pack, which due to the year of service must land in the basket. I have already written about this product here. The product is nice, but I'm using mine now Inglot eye shadow palette and that's enough for me. I will not buy again.
  2. MAC viva glam gaga 2 - a complete boredom, which looked quite nice on my lips. Unfortunately, the dry consistency of the lipstick meant that I didn't use it too often. I will not buy again.
  3. NYX matte lips addis ababa - lipstick at first delighted me totally. Beautiful color, great matt, but unfortunately its dry texture made my lips look terrible after a few minutes. I will not buy again.
  4. Inglot matting powder - I bought this product for a wedding when I needed a great mate. It worked quite well, but clogged up more often when used more often. I will not buy again.
  5. MAC viva glam niki minaj - a brilliant color that can be dosed with a light pink, up to a furious pink like Niki Minaj. A huge favorite. It is a pity that just like viva glam gaga 2 - terribly dry.
  6. Hean, base for shadows - my huge favorite for years I've already written about here. A great product that I trust completely. I have already bought another packaging.


  1. Himalaya paste - not refreshing, and does not cause the effect of sensitive teeth. I can't say more because the sample is too small. I'm not sure I will buy.
  2. Bath & Body Works, antibacterial hand gels - Piotr with the smell of pomegranate, and mine with the smell of cherry. When we are in Warsaw in October at a conference, we will definitely make some supplies. I will buy again.
  3. Etja lemon oil - the scent that in September most often visited in my scented fireplace. Lemon oil has bactericidal properties, so it is worth using it during illness or colds. I will buy again.
  4. Miss Dior Cherie, L'eau - my beloved fragrance, which unfortunately is no longer produced. You can still get it on the internet, but the amounts are falling. It's a shame because I love this fragrance. Unfortunately I will not buy again.
  5. Elmex, tooth decay paste - she has already written about this paste hereis still my huge favorite. I will buy again.
  6. Colgate plax, oral hygiene liquid - pretty good because it doesn't eat. I am currently testing Sylveco mouthwash, so I won't come back to that.

What effects from July 30?

On July 30 I was on a visit to a dermatologist, at a lady I had never visited. I changed the dermatologist due to the fact that my previous p. Dermatologist did nothing and I had to tell her what I would like to get. I don't think that's the point.
fight against acne
Surprisingly, I waited quite a short time, because only 1,5 of the month (which is a very short time for Polish reality, because I was able to wait for the National Health Fund for half a year until the previous one, from which the visit always fell during the period of improvement on my face ...).
Today is 11 August and the difference is on my face.
The ointment I got - Duac was to be used every night. I did that for the first 5 days. After this time, it started to dry me out very much (lubrication during the day with moisturizing cream did not help).
Interestingly, I had to give up my beloved Natur Riche cream, because in the case of such dry skin (literally dry and red) I needed something more.
I received a sample of Xnicum Aknicare with a filter from a dermatologist and this cream helps me survive the drought on my face. At night, I lubricate it with alterry oil with almonds and papayas in a rather thick layer. It helps. And strangely enough, it doesn't clog.
Currently, I use Duac every other day, remembering to moisturize my face (one day I apply duac ointment, the next one with alterra oil for the night).
In addition to this ointment, a dermatologist recommended the 4akne dietary supplement to me. I am impressed because I did not believe that the supplement could work. Somehow I do not believe in all these supplement miracles ...
and here please ... from 30 July to 11 August my skin stopped massaging so much (which she always did). I don't really know if it's due to the ointment or this supplement. Or maybe both? anyway, as I had to use 2 matting papers during the day, I now use one at the end of the work.
I still use silver instead of water.
As a peeling, I use the Phenome sugar peeling once a week, but also baking soda, which beautifully smoothes very dry skin and removes the layer of dry skin that even the Phenome peeling couldn't cope with.
As for the cream - I plan to buy aknicare because I am happy with the samples I received. Has anyone of you used the products offered by this company? how was it?