Is it worth buying Followers on Instagram?

I have the impression that for some time Instagram has been leading the popularity of social networking sites. It is not surprising when organic ranges are cut off very much on Facebook. On Instagram, too, but you can still raise profile coverage and Insta Stories without paid campaigns. How to do it? I wrote about it in the article how to raise the reach of Insta Stories. Unfortunately, many Influecners still buy Followers on Instagram, because it's cheap (100 Followers costs a few zlotys), and they count on fejm and quizzes.

Why buy Followers on Instagram?

Still, many companies don't check Followers. Most only look at the number (number of Followers) or hearts and comments under the pictures. Buying Followers is a very common practice among Influencerek. The numbers agree, business is booming. And here honest Influencers lose, because not every company will check whether 60 thous. Followers are not residents of India or Pakistan, and those honest who do a good job will not be considered in campaigns carried out by influence marketing agencies. It's sad, but that's how it works in today's world.

Is buying Followers profitable then? From my point of view, no. Firstly, because buying Followers reduces Instagram profile ranges (the new Instagram algorithm will very easily detect that there are unfair practices on a given account), and secondly because it is very easy to check if someone bought Followers on Allegro, hearts or even comments under photo. Yes, you can also buy comments under the photo! Of course, these will be comments issued by fictitious zosia1234 accounts and in most cases they will be only emotes (usually hearts or smilies).

Instagram has been successfully removing inactive Followers accounts for some time. If the number of Followers on your account drops, you may find that bots were watching you and IG dug in to these accounts, and now they are deleting them or someone just reported these accounts as fake.

How to check if someone bought Followers?

Many Influencekers will probably hate me now, but I prefer to warn those who have ever bought Followers that they just don't do it. Checking Influencer's integrity is very simple. This can be checked, among others through Socialblade. It is not a great tool in 100% because it has a delay of several days in statistics, but it is easy to verify the account before cooperating with someone.

Below you can see examples of two accounts of known Influencerek - one of them probably uses dishonest ways to obtain Followers.

dishonest Instagram account

Dishonest Instagram Account

In the above screenshot you can see very large decrease in the number of Followers. This Influencer most likely uses the Followers application that works on the Follow / Unfollow principle. In the screen below you can see the Instagram account, which honestly acquires Followers.

Honest Instagram account

Honest Instagram account

Interestingly, through Socialblade you can also check the accounts of anyone who has no private settings. If you do not buy Followers on Instagram, then how to achieve success and start earning on Instagram? I write about it in the post how to succeed on Instagram.