What are the benefits of doing live on Instagram?

In the age of coronavirus, many brands decided to do live on Instagram (I also persuaded my client to do so). Live coverage is very popular and allows you to build relationships with recipients. If you are not already doing live coverage on IG or are thinking about it - read on.

In this article I will explain:

  • What is it and how to do it live on Instagram?
  • Why is it worth doing live on Insta?
  • What are the benefits of doing live on IG for influencers and business accounts (e.g. online stores)

Glossary: ​​Instagram (interchangeably - IG, Insta), Live coverage (interchangeably - live, live on IG), Insta Stories (interchangeably - Stories).

What is live on IG and how to do it?

Live on Instagram is nothing more than a live report on the profile on IG. There is no way about mishaps, which does not mean that they do not happen - most often you hear a loud boom and you can see something that you would not want to show. Yes, it was the construction that imitated the tripod.

live on Instagram what it is

Live coverage is done by clicking the camera icon on the top left (just like when adding Insta Stories). Then, swipe to the right until "live" appears at the bottom. If you click on the coverage, you'll start the transmission in a few seconds. Of course, you can stop it at any time, if you accidentally click start (and suddenly you remember that the iron was not turned off, although you were sure a moment ago).

You can also do a relationship with someone (in my opinion this option is much more interesting than live alone). When one person gets stressed, the other can save the situation and vice versa.

During live there are often questions - to see them click the "comments" box. Sometimes Instagram has a delay, so some questions may appear a moment later. Don't worry, it's normal. You can also turn off comments, but hey ... I guess this is not the idea of ​​doing live coverage.

Live coverage is worth announcing earlier on Stories or in the description under the photo on the main profile. You can also make a countdown on Insta Stories (sticker "countdown"), which will send a reminder that it starts live. This is a very nice option, which I often use myself, when I do not want to forget about some live coverage, which I necessarily want to watch.

After its completion, you can save Live in the camera roll or share in the relationship (if someone wedges your relationship, they will have the option of watching regular Stories or live recordings).

Why is it worth doing live on Instagram and what are the benefits?

Live coverage is not only a great way to maintain relationships with Observers, but also a way to reach new people. When it is done live with someone, the most common announcements appear on both profiles. Information about the upcoming live are also willingly shared by the Followers of a given profile on (to their audience). Especially when the topic is interesting and is built on a cool community profile, you can count on more information sharing. This ensures that new people who are interested in the topic are reached. This is associated with the fact that there is a greater chance that such new people will be active under your publications.

There are many ideas for live coverage. This way you can answer previously asked (and also during live) questions - this option is the most common. You can interview an interesting person, tell about your cosmetic favorites or show you swatches of your favorite makeup products. Just do what your recipients are interested in (because you know them best).

In the case of business accounts (I will focus in this paragraph on online stores) it is nice to show yourself, i.e. that someone is behind this project. People like to know that it's not just a store, but there's a person and a philosophy behind it. I noticed myself that I often associate brands with their owners, e.g. Le Petit Trou I always associate with the wonderful Zuzanna Kuczyńska, whom I had the opportunity to meet (and also talk for a while) during Vogue workshops organized in Galeria Mokotów.

If you're curious about what special actions are being done on social media and among Influencers in the age of coronavirus, be sure to read this article: LIFE AT THE TIME OF CROWN, OR CHANGES AND SPECIAL ACTIONS DURING CHILDREN.

How to achieve success on Instagram?

Ever since Instagram is leading the way in social networks, everyone wants to exist and become an influencer. For the record - an influencer is a person who advertises products and services on his social networking site. It is characterized by the fact that it influences the decision of others. Therefore, the influencer is none other than an opinion leader. To become an influencer, you must have an account on a social networking site, YouTube or blog. In this post you will learn how to achieve success on Instagram.

Company account on Instagram

You must have a company account to access statistics on Instagram. This has its pros and cons. Pros include the statistics or the ability to create ads (via the tool offered by Facebook). Of the minuses, it should be mentioned that company accounts on Instagram have very much reduced ranges.
All this since the owner of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) took over Instagram. He still had a snap on Snapchat, but the owner of Snapchat was not interested. What did Mark do then? He has released an update on Instagram that looks like Snapchat. Who has not heard of Insta Stories - you must try it out. From 10 thousand followers can post an active link on Insta Stories. Since we have this number of followers, we have started using this function. Interestingly, the most blog entries from social media are from Insta Stories.

Ways to develop a profile on Instagram

There are different ways to develop your Instagram profile. The most important, however, is to regularly publish good-quality photos with a catchy description. Sometimes, however, this is not enough. Unfortunately, developing an Instagram profile is getting more and more difficult. There is also increasing competition.

"Success on Instagram is a matter of good quality photos, catchy descriptions and a bit of luck."

To start earning on running an Instagram profile you must have a minimum of 10 thousand followersów. With us, the first real offers began just then. Professionally (note at work I deal with social media and cooperation with bloggers and influencers) also for me the minimum to start cooperation is 10 thous. active followersów. However, it all depends on the industry, because in the case of lifestyle, beauty they are larger than in the case of, for example, runners. Why do I stress that they must be active followers? Because very often these are bought empty accounts from India or Pakistan. The sad thing is that companies that are looking for influencers to collaborate often only look at the high number of followers, not their "quality". This does not change the fact that for me buying followers is unacceptable. In this post I discussed the issue of buying followers on Instagram more widely: click.


Thanks to the appropriate hashtags you can increase the visibility of the photos you add on your profile. I do not recommend using the list of most popular hashtags. Why? Because if you add a hashtag that has been added by a few million others before, your photo will only appear on that list for a moment.
What hashtags are worth adding then? The golden rule is looking for a niche. I usually add hashtags that have about 200-500 thousand. thanks to this, there is a greater chance that with high activity under the photo someone will notice you. The more that now you can observe not only profiles, but also hashtags. I hope you already know how to achieve success on Instagram.