Superfoods that you will find in our kitchen

Superfoods, great food, power food. Called many terms, having great power. Extremely valuable food in terms of nutritional value, which has undoubtedly been booming for some time. Most importantly - superfoods are 100% natural and they get their super powers from nature.

Chia seeds

I have already written on Spanish sage on the blog here. In the post you will find not only the properties of this wonderful plant, but also recipes for delicious dishes. I love to eat these small grains mainly in the form of pudding or add a spoon to a glass of water. Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 acids, magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium and fiber. Chia pudding is great for long hours, which is why it is especially recommended for people on a diet. Such a dessert is not only low-calorie, but also delicious and healthy. Just 2 tablespoons chia seeds pour half a glass of milk (with us vegetable), mix and let stand for a minimum of 20 minutes. It's best to put the chia pudding in the fridge overnight and decorate it with fruit in the morning and add your favorite nuts. Such breakfast is a great dose of good energy.

Coconut Water

Water from inside the coconut is not only very tasty, but also healthy. Unfortunately, it is not the cheapest. A can of coconut water (without enhancers) costs about PLN 10. I really like to add coconut water to cocktails, but also drink instead of regular water (it is definitely tastier and better hydrates the body). Coconut water also contains minerals and electrolytes.


I don't quite like its taste, but after a good treatment it can be really tasty. The key to its taste is thorough rinsing with warm water. Some also roast millet in a dry frying pan, but I never have time for it. It is enough for me to rinse it several times and then throw it into the boiling water. We usually eat millet with vegetables, but I really liked it millet pudding from Jadłonomia's recipe. Most often I make a light pudding version and add my favorite jam. I like this pudding much better than standard desserts of this type. In addition, it is very full. This is a great option not only for dessert, but also for breakfast.vital fiber

Vital fiber

It may not be superfoods, but I have to write about it. I tossed the fiber together with young barley (whose taste I can't survive. Its smell alone rejects me ... maybe you have any ideas on how to smuggle it? I tried in a cocktail, but I couldn't drink it). Vital fiber is recommended to drink 2x daily, although I only drink 1x daily after drinking honey. I still start my day drinking a glass of warm (not hot!) Water with a teaspoon of linden honey. After drinking it, put 2 teaspoon of fiber and pour half a glass of water. I set aside for 20 minutes. At this time I am going to wash myself and prepare for the upcoming work day. After the 20 minutes have elapsed, I mix fiber and drink.

What does vital fiber give me?

I feel 'light' thanks to drinking vital fiber. I also have the impression that my metabolism is turned up, and in addition I have less appetite (after drinking fiber I feel full for about 2 hours). In the composition of vital fiber we find psyllium, which has a very large amount of fiber, and also plantain husk, which is rich in mucous dietary fiber. The mixture of vital fiber reminds me of the consistency of linseed. If you are not fans of this consistency, you will not like vital fiber.

Spanish sage - is it worth eating?

Spanish sage, also known as "chia seeds", has been at the forefront of culinary super additives for a long time. The beans themselves have a neutral taste, which makes them suitable as an addition to sweet and salty dishes, thickening dishes or as super healthy meals (breakfast and afternoon tea).
Why is it worth eating chia seeds?
(chia seeds, Spanish sage)

The popularity of Spanish sage

No wonder chia seeds have become so popular. They are a great source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Chia seeds are rich in protein (16,54 g in 100 g seeds), which is why vegetarians and vegans often use them. However, I think chia have so many properties that everyone should reach for these babies, regardless of their diet.
Unfortunately, chia seeds are not the cheapest, but it's surprising, since their popularity is constantly growing.

Chia seeds - who should eat them?

Studies show that chia have more omega-3 than salmon. These magic seeds should also be present in the elderly, due to memory, concentration and dementia prevention effects.
Chia seeds are rich in fiber, which is why they are recommended for people who care about the line. It is a myth, however, that chia slim down by itself. Chia seeds only support Weight Management .

Chia seeds recipes

One of the most popular ways to consume chia seeds is to add them to smoothies, baked breads or dishes including salads. Chia seeds are often used as a substitute for eggs in a vegan diet. You can eat them for breakfast as an addition - just sprinkle cereal or porridge with a spoon or two chia seeds.
A very tasty dish that can be conjured up from Spanish sage chia pudding, which with the addition of fruit can be a healthy and filling offer for breakfast.
Chia, like linseed, swells when soaked, and a slightly gelatinous coating forms around the grain. Therefore, these seeds can serve as natural thickener to dishes. Just pour a teaspoon of seeds with a little water and mix thoroughly. After a few minutes they swell and you can add them to the dish you want to thicken.
Seeds should be consumed daily in an amount of 3 teaspoons (15 g)

Chia Pudding Recipe:
- 150 ml plant or cow's milk
- 3 spoons from chia seed soup
Chia pudding is best prepared in the evening to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the morning
Pour the seeds with milk and mix. We leave for 20 minutes (mixing pudding during these 20 minutes 2 times). After 20 minutes, mix again and put in the fridge. In the morning, add fruit to the ready pudding as desired. They can be sprinkled with cinnamon and coconut flakes.