Summary of shares in Rossman - have I used the discounts?

The Rossmann campaign raises a lot of controversy due to the fact that buyers behaved in a large percentage as crazy. They opened all the packages, painted themselves with full-fledged products and put them on the shelf, and there were many shortcomings on the part of Rossmann - in one there was a discount on a given product, in another not.

I honestly admit that when I heard about this promotion, I was very happy because I was running out of mascara and the vision of 49% reduction was very tempting. Fortunately, I was able to use it. And so, my beloved Max Factor Falsh Lash mascara I bought 49% cheaper;)
In addition, I got the Bourjois Healthy Mix blush, which works very well.
It was the only product I was interested in from the first round of the promotion, which included mascaras, eye shadows and, I am not mistaken - foundations and concealers. The second turquoise varnish and lipstick tempted me more, but there were some pleasant surprises.
Although I didn't buy any lipstick, because each one I wanted was visibly used, I was tempted by two nail polishes and a Lovely Color Wear lip pencil in color 2. I haven't used it yet, so I can't say anything about it.
Rossmann discount

In addition, I was tempted by the Sally Hansen varnish from the Salon Manicuire series, shade 280 PLUM'S THE WORD.

For now, I can say about the varnish that one layer already covers nicely. Unfortunately, the varnish dries quite a long time.
We will see how products bought at discount prices will work in everyday use.
Were you able to hunt something interesting? or did you avoid Rossmann during this period ?;)