Bandi cream with almond acid - a compendium of knowledge

Recently, I get a lot of questions about the Bandi cream with almond acid, which is why in today's note I will answer the most frequently asked questions, while creating a kind of encyclopedia of knowledge about the cream Bandi with almond acid.
bandi cream

I hope that this note will dispel all your doubts about this product.
1. Can the cream be used all year round?
I think so. I used this cream even in the strongest sun and did not notice discoloration. However, it is important to use a protective filter otherwise I think that discoloration could appear.
2. When to use the cream
I recommend the cream especially to people who have acne problems as well as acne discolorations. The product also regulates sebum secretion. I use the cream every day after evening facial cleansing. Apply a small amount to my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. I tap the product until completely absorbed.
3. Is the skin getting used to the product?
My skin has not got used to this cream. It still works as it did at the beginning. I am just using the third pack, I was only taking 2 a week break, because at that time I was using Clotrimazolum ointment.
4. Where can you buy Bandi cream?
The product is available at Hebe Drugstore.
5. Does the cream cure acne?
Definitely this product has improved my skin condition. Of course, from time to time it happens that something pops on my face, but these are not such changes as before using this cream. I noticed that even if I get a pimple and smear it with a thicker layer of cream, it can die overnight 😉
6. Is it normal for my face to burn after applying the cream?
The first time I applied the cream to my face I felt a slight burning sensation, but the second time I did not experience it. If your face is still burning you the second time, give up the product.
7. Can the cream increase acne?
For the first week of use, I noticed a slight increase in acne, as if the cream was pulling everything out. After a week, all the pimples were lost, and I didn't use anything else as a booster :)
bandi with mandelic acid

This cream has been my hit for many months. I use it every day at night after thoroughly cleansing the facial skin. The skin has definitely improved, acne is not such a problem as even half a year ago. The only downside to this cream is the price, but this product is worth every zloty. In addition, it is very efficient ... it's really worth it!

Acne Stop - acne cream

After exchanging emails with Ms. Justyna, we received a sample of Acne Stop cream for 3 testing. I have wanted to try this product for a long time, but it was a bit unavailable for me in terms of price. Initially, I was looking for opinions on this product - I found some positive but also negative ones. As usual when testing, I was not discouraged by what I read, but I started at full speed to use.

I used the cream together with P. so we will both include our proverbial "three grosze" in the review. But at the beginning a little about the product, and exactly how to use it (which I learned by exchanging e-mails for which I would like to thank, because Mrs. Justyna answered my every question with great patience):
,, at the beginning of using Acne - Stop it is possible to deteriorate the skin as a result of its thorough cleaning from the inside and pulling out everything that is bad from the deepest layers. After about two weeks there will be improvement. However, skin deterioration is very rare. Nevertheless, please do not be discouraged in this case, but continue to use the cream-gel regularly twice a day on a well-cleansed and dry face.
When applying the preparation, special attention should be paid to avoid contact with the hair (eyebrows, eyelashes, hair on the head) - the possibility of lightening them and mucous membranes (corners of the lips, close to the eyes, nose) - the possibility of irritation of these places! Our scientific consultant offers a minimum of 3 months of treatment, and the optimum is 6 months. Even if your skin is already in great condition before, you should not stop using Acne-Stop for a lasting effect.
Applying a thin layer of cream-gel one pack of 50g should be enough for 2-3 months - depending on the size of the application surface. In contrast, one 5 g sample for about 5-7 days. Please also pay special attention to the frequent change of a personal face towel, and it is best to use disposable towels and change the pillowcase every day - these are potential large clusters of bacteria. It is also important to wash your face with special emulsions, gels or lotions without contact with tap water or to use mineral water or boiled tap water for this purpose. "
,, Please choose for care those preparations that will not dry or irritate your skin. Yes, you can use a cream gel in combination with water (boiled or mineral). "I think this information will dispel your doubts;)

Dominika's opinion

At the beginning we were very skeptical about this product. Why? because I started to wonder how the cream can cure mine acneor at least somehow heal it. My face is weird. I have 22 years and I still have acne rashes from time to time (it may not be in the form of a dozen pimples on my mouth, but I can have, for example, two big wheels around myself, I currently have it and I am depressed ... however, they can also do it!
The biggest problem I have on my chin and near my nose is where pimples pop up most often. I have been struggling with the problem for a long time acne and I'm not ashamed of trying to cure this disease.
I visit a dermatologist every six months, but I have the impression that nothing will help me anymore (I used ointments, antibiotics, etc. for a while).
When I got Acne Stop, I took the final fight against pimples. I started to take yeast (2-3 tablets a day), zinc (1 tablet a day) and spot the face with Acne Stop. I rinse my face with a tonic with silver (review soon, I am undergoing tests). I also drink a lot of water, green tea and birch juice. Currently, I have a rash on my mouth, which seems to be the final battle of pimples. The final one, because I won't give up so easily. Not this time!
I started taking pills for the complexion to fight with acne not only outside but also inside. And today with a clear conscience I can say that I see improvement (although at first glance it is not visible). I use the cream on the forehead and near the nose, and on the beard (in the morning and evening). I noticed that the product much faster than others that I used so far - dries imperfections. The skin seems to be different from day to day. I am good that I will win the fight.
If we have larger pimples - I recommend smearing it with a thicker layer and leaving it overnight. As for the product itself, it has a very specific smell. However, it is not irritating - I really like the smell of herbs. Unfortunately, in my opinion the price is a bit too high, which makes the product unavailable to many young people. And it is mainly intended for them.

Piotr's opinion

Initially there is a rash effect - as warned by Justyna. Over time, however, everything begins to heal. However, I probably had too high requirements for this product - I hoped that all the pimples would disappear within a week. I'm a little disappointed. The advantage is brightening discoloration, which I noticed at the beginning of use.
D. wrote about the fragrance - in fact it is specific, but it is a matter of habit, because sometimes one does not pay attention to it.
Have any of you had experience with this product? Were you satisfied or quite the opposite?