Algae mask

I wrote about algae once on my blog. The ones I will be reviewing today are 100% natural. What can be seen and above all felt immediately ...;) A few words from the producer: palgae powder is rich in minerals, microelements. ”Contains phytohormones: bataine, cytokines, auxins, giberolines (stimulates skin regeneration). Source of carbohydrates, more digestible compared to carbohydrates derived from terrestrial plants.

My opinion

I will start with the fact that I call these algae stinky ... why? Because they mercilessly simply ... stink. It's good that even though you put it on your face, you don't feel them so much ... or just that I'm getting used to their smell?
However, my love for algae does not go away and every time I use them I feel that my skin is fully reviving. The color of the product is not very encouraging, but believe me - it's worth it! I use algae according to the manufacturer's recommendations - so-called paste on acne. And you know what? Already after the first application you can see that especially the discolorations become much brighter!

Preparation of acne skin paste

Mix two teaspoons of algae with a small amount of hot water to a paste consistency, wait until it cools down and apply on your face. Leave on 4-5 minutes and then wash off with warm water and wipe gently with a sponge. This will facilitate peeling of the epidermis. Rinse your face with cold water again - this will close the pores. Apply a moisturizing, natural cosmetic.
Use every two days for a week, then 3 break days, then again every other day for a week. 3 Days off. After 4 week, use every 6-10 days. Algae can also be used as a product for cracked elbows, as well as for bathing for children and fertilizing plants! (Especially the third use made me very interested)
The effects of the magical effects of algae can be seen after a few applications, but after the first one you can clearly feel the nutrition and thorough cleansing of the skin. This can not be described in words, so I advise you - try it yourself and see for yourself that algae really do wonders! :)
In a moment I'm starting to crumble algae into paste acne skin😉