A stone on your armpits and you have sweat in your nose!

After the Alterra ball, I decided to look for better protection against sweat. The choice fell on a product that I wanted to test a long time ago, and I always lacked courage.
Because how do you ride a stone on your armpits ?!
stone deodorant
I walked, searched, read compositions and searched until, despite many fears, the choice fell on Crystal, an antiperspirant in stone.
The deodorant label didn't help me at all, I had no idea how to use it. I started to search the internet and look for some advice on how to make a cosmetic out of stone, which is supposed to protect me from sweat.
There are two schools: either we apply the product on wet armpits, or soak the antiperspirant and apply it. I have rewritten both versions and today I can tell you that the first version is much easier to make. Why? About this in a moment.
The application of this product was a nightmare at first. Flooded floor (if you moisten the stone, water goes out through the holes at the bottom of the packaging) and not only the floor, but also the sink.
Later I found a way with the application on wet armpits (necessarily using warm water!) And so this product ceased to be a nightmare for me, and began to be a friend.
When applying, be very careful that the stone does not fall. Its poor packaging (I can't wait when it breaks ...) means that the comfort of use is not phenomenal. Every time I use this antiperspirant, I pray that it won't land on the ground.
vegan deodorant
I do not know how the myth that sweat still appears when using it (in the form of odor), so do not raise your hands, because it may turn out that there is a beautiful, wet spot.
For me, this product during the first 3 days actually did it, but after difficult beginnings it started to fulfill its task in 100%. My armpits are completely dry, even during nervous situations.
An additional plus is its performance, I guess I'll never finish it. I have the impression that since I use it, it hasn't gone a bit. I wonder when it appears in the bottom, I feel that not too soon;)
Finally, I have to mention that we won't take him on a journey. And if someone is brave enough, I am waiting for the information whether he will come back whole or crushed. In addition, it is heavy, and excess luggage in travel is not welcome.
If you want to take it somewhere, it is worth throwing it into a separate packaging, because the salt crystallizes at the bottom of the packaging, and thus literally dirty everything.
Despite these disadvantages, I will continue to use it, because it serves me very well.