Wire hits, part 3, Falling off locks, hygiene, self-ligating apparatus

When I set up the fixed camera it wasn't colorful at all. Already the next day I flew to stick the lock, which at night I bit and loosened. And so six times at different intervals.
Unfortunately, it may be so at the beginning, although you can't imagine what the fifth time I went to stick the castle on, I was angry and resigned. Fortunately, it all calmed down now because the teeth began to move.
hygiene of the orthodontic appliance

Self-ligating apparatus

There are many types of fixed cameras, most of them mentioned in the first note in this series. I decided to use self-ligating apparatus, because after conversion the cost of treatment came out lower than in the case of apparatus with ligatures. In addition, I do not have to visit each month. Another argument was that apparently the treatment time with this apparatus is shorter. We will see.


When it comes to hygiene, it is very important here regularity and thorough brushing. Initially, I tried to convince myself of a regular brush (designed for fixed braces), but eventually I bought the cheapest oral-b brush, to which the ortho heads fit. I am very happy that I decided to do it because I have the impression that nothing will clean my teeth like an electric toothbrush. Besides, I'm used to an electric toothbrush.
I bought it for my brush two ortho heads and one head for gaps between teeth. First, I brush my teeth with an ortho head, and then change to a head that cleans the spaces between my teeth. Then comes the time for mouthwash. Colgate plax fluid works best with me. I am very pleased with him.
Apparently, you can't use whitening paste on the camera, because after removing the camera, the places where the glue is darker. Additionally whitening paste may cause the locks to fall off. I don't know exactly how it is, but I put the whitening toothpaste in favor of the orange toothpaste Elmex, which my orthodontist recommended to me. I am very happy with her.
If we're already brushing my teeth, I brush my 3-4 teeth a day. In the morning, during the day (after eating if I eat at work), after lunch and in the evening.