Is it worth buying a Lidl baking machine?

review of a lidel bread maker

Recently, a bread maker was available in Lidl again (I showed it at Instagram). I was encouraged to buy a vending machine by the very high price of good quality bread in bakeries, as well as the usual laziness and time saving. I am a fan of dark bread, but sometimes I eat and white. Everything within reason. I like to experiment with bread and add different grains (I've never seen bread with chia and sunflower seeds anywhere, and I can do it in a machine).

You can add your favorite seeds to bread, e.g. chia, linseed or sunflower seeds. The experiment was to add sliced ​​garlic. The bread came out delicious.

When I saw the Silver Crest bread baking machine in Lidl's offer (I have a dryer with this ionization [from 4]. I praise it very much!) I decided to buy it.

Bread baking machine - how does it work?

Our beginnings were difficult. The operating instructions supplied with the device are tragic. Fortunately, the Internet came to my aid. The bread baking process is very simple - we pour a certain amount of water and a bread baking mixture (those from Lidl are quite good. I set a different weight for baked bread, because if I set them according to their recommendations, the bread is not risen and sticky).

During baking, it is possible to add seeds or dried fruit (we will be informed by a sound signal). In the machine it is possible to bake bread, wholemeal bread, kneading dough for pasta, pizzas and many other possibilities. Currently, I used only the first program (bread baking) and the Express program, which I used to bake bread for breakfast. Next year I will definitely make strawberry jam. I can not wait!

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After connecting the machine to the power, choose the program that interests us (using the first button). Then set the weight. For me it is usually 1000 g (thanks to which the bread is not lumpy and sticky!). Finally, set the crunchiness of the skin. I usually use lightly or medium baked. We pour a certain amount of warm, but not hot water (with a mixture of Lidl 350 ml). And pour the mixture (500 g). The device comes with a measuring cup for water, as well as a measuring cup for seeds and others. Click the 4 button. The machine will start heating (with program No. 1) or mixing (with express program). It is a good idea to keep the toaster lid open during mixing because steam is deposited on it.

What about mixers?

I always remove the mixers during the final mixing phase. Once for a try I left them to the very end. It was not a good idea, because after baking we barely took it out. Before rising, I remove the agitators from the machine and put the mass evenly on the bread. Thanks to this, it grows evenly and is visually prettier.

It is better to remove the stirrers from the machine before baking the bread, because it is difficult to remove them from the loaf later.

When buying a bread machine, we have to take into account the fact that there are holes in the bottom of the mixer. We will not avoid this. However, they are not so big, when the bread is grown it does not upset so much.


I am happy with the purchase, although at first I was furious - I could not set up the machine and the bread came out of medium quality. After a few uses, I can say that it is much better. You have to use the trial and error method. There are many recipes for different types of bread on the internet, so you can go crazy wol