Why use Asian BB creams instead of BB Creams from Garnier

BB creams are increasingly chosen by young girls who want to hide imperfections, as well as women who value a very natural look. I met with Asian cosmetics in 2014 year, when I ordered my first from the Rubishop store Dr G Hydra Intensive BB cream. I regret to this day that this cream has been withdrawn. He had the perfect shade for my skin and moisturized it. Bright + is also great, but if I had to choose Hydra Intensive will always be my number one.

I tested many drugstore foundations and also those available at the pharmacy. The effect has always been the same. Pimples appeared on my face just a few hours after applying the foundation. I decided that I had to reach for something lighter. That's when I ordered BB Dr G cream for the first time, risking a lot, because I wasn't sure if it would work on my face, or whether the shade would be right.
Since then, Korean cosmetics have permanently appeared in my vanity case. I currently use not only Asian BB cream, but also Mizon snail serum or cream with snail mucus same company. I also had the opportunity to test Garnier's famous BB cream, which, as you guessed, also didn't work on my face. I noticed the difference when applying the cream (I also used a sponge Beauty blender). The cream, however, did not apply as easily as Dr. G. In addition, to get good coverage you had to use a lot more cream than in the case of Asian BB.
Persistence also left much to be desired, because in the case of Dr. G it is often the case that I apply it in the morning and wash it off late in the evening. This cream has never let me down. It evenly disappears from the face, and coverage even after a few hours is visible. In the case of Garnier cream, coverage after a few hours deteriorated significantly. Asian BB creams are enriched with various types of ingredients that can improve the condition of the skin or reduce skin dryness.
The biggest disappointment when using the European BB cream was product performance. I have already mentioned that to get a great effect, you need to use a lot more BB Garnier cream. In the case of Dr G, a small amount is enough. It is true that Garnier is much cheaper than Dr. G, but Dr. G is enough for me for about half a year or even longer. So it's worth investing in Dr G BB cream and enjoying a really great quality product. I am very glad to be the first to test it. I will present you with a detailed review soon, and partial opinions can be seen on mine Instagram.