Everything worth knowing about BB creams part 2

What shade for whom?

BB cream Dr G hydra intensive is intended for people with darker complexion, falls into gray. It seems to me that this is one of the darkest shades of Dr G. BB creams. Pore ​​+ it is a little brighter than hydra intensive, it does not go gray, and is suitable for people with pink pigment. cream sensitive is for total pale people with yellow pigment.
BB Dr G cream color

How to wash off BB cream?

Very it is important to wash BB creams thoroughlybecause they contain silicones which, if not thoroughly washed, can cause a deterioration of the skin condition.
I wash BB cream with two soaked pads Bielenda biphasic liquid makeup removerand then wash it colloidal silver. This allows me to wash the cream thoroughly, which I can see on the last cotton swab.

Price and performance

Original, Asian BB creams are more expensive than their drugstore counterpartsthat can be found in the drugstore. I purposely used the word equivalent, because drugstore creams called BB creams are just imperfect versions. Why do I think so? Well, because European BB creams include BB cream from Garnier or Rimmel is nothing but foundations with a touch of cream imitating the originals. Try Asian BB cream at least once, I assure you that you will not return to the drugstore version.
And back to prices for BB creams they are different depending on the brand. The Dr G company has more expensive products, but using this company's product I'm sure it won't hurt my complexion. When buying a Dr G BB cream I'm sure I bought a good bb cream.
Regarding efficiency she is delightful. I have had BB hydra intensive cream for over a year, and I use it every day. 100 PLN for a year is not much, right? :)

How and where to order BB creams?

Asian BB creams are rather hard to find stationary. At least I have never met them. If it is otherwise be sure to let me know in the comment :). I always order BB Dr G creams from a reliable seller. I have ordered the sensitive version from ebay, from Korea.

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Everything worth knowing about BB creams part 1

I wrote many times about using BB Dr G Asian BB cream, and today I present the first part of a series of notes about BB creams. This series will be a kind of compendium of knowledge about BB creams. I hope that these entries will be very helpful to you and allow you to choose the best BB cream.

BB cream
What is BB cream?
The name BB cream is Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. It is often translated as a cream emphasizing beauty or simply as a "beauty cream". BB creams are not new, but they have only recently become extremely popular due to access to information. Currently, many cosmetics companies offer BB cream, but in my opinion Asian BB creams are the best.
BB cream combines foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen. The best BB cream can hide even the larger imperfections (depending on the properties of the cream).
CC and DD creams are also more and more often visible, however I remain loyal to BB Dr G.
Cream for acne skin?
BB cream is suitable for acne skin. He can hide imperfections and also matte the complexion.
However, it all depends on what type of cream you choose. Dr G BB creams that I have used so far (hydra intensive, pore +) are BB creams intended for problematic skin. Hydra intensive was, however cream for dehydrated skin, by the way is this good moisturizing face cream, while pore + it skin cream with imperfections.
The effect we will get after BB cream
BB hydra intensive and pore + cream cover imperfections very well, making the skin smooth and flawless. Both BB creams that I have used so far have wet finish, which may not suit everyone. I like this effect very much, because even when my skin is gray and I haven't provided it with enough sleep, it looks very good (fresh and radiant).
How to use BB cream?
Apply BB cream to cleansed skin. The method of application is different:
  • brush
  • sponge
  • patting with your fingertips
You have to decide for yourself which way is best for you, but I recommend using Beauty Blender to apply it, because the cream blends perfectly with the skin with this sponge.

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