Vegetarians, Vegans ... supplement vitamin B12!

About vitamin supplementation I have heard B12 with a vegetarian diet from the very beginning
vegetarian diet.
Still, I never went into this topic because I thought it wasn't that important.
My sister-in-law scared me a little and talked to the dietitian about it. She made me realize how important this vitamin supplementation is. Thank you :*
Vitamin deficiencies B12 may not become apparent until several years after switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet.
However, not only people who do not eat meat are exposed to deficiencies of this vitamin, but also the elderly, people who have had part of the intestine removed, and even people who eat meat. Vegans are the most vulnerable group.
On one of the health portals I found information about the threat of this vitamin deficiency: dementia, ataxia, optic nerve atrophy, catatonia, psychosis, mood changes, myocardial infarction and vein thrombosis, megaloblastic anemia and neurological diseases such as neuropathy, myelopathy (disease spinal cord), memory impairment, depression, brain atrophy, fatigue, memory loss and weakness.
In the 80 years, research was conducted suggesting that B12 can be found in fermented soy products and algae, but these studies have been refuted. No plant will provide our body with this vitamin, which is why it is so important to supplement it with a vegan or vegetarian diet.
Due to the fact that we are both on a vegetarian diet (which P. sometimes breaks eating meat, although it is difficult to admit it: P) a few days ago we bought Vegevit, i.e. B12.
Be careful, because in Superpharm this supplement is much more expensive (PLN 35), and in the Gemini pharmacy we will pay PLN 100 for the same number of tablets (26).
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