Balsam with gold flecks

In the Blogosphere, there has recently been a lot of talk about Soraya tanning cosmetics. A lot of bloggers took part in the campaign, today I would like to comment on the next product - a brightening balm, which I tested on my own skin.
balm with gold flecks

After testing the cosmetic Soraya Express Bronze(which turned out to be a hit) I was hopeful that I would like to enjoy body lotion with gold flecks.

I used the product only twice but I will tell you why. The first time I applied a lot of balm and put on a black shirt. After a few minutes, my shirt began to shine like a disco ball. The same happened the second time. The density of gold particles is quite large, even in a small amount of product.

Golden particles in the lotion like to migrate all over the body, as well as our clothes. The worst thing is that after the balm is absorbed, the particles turn into glitter, which is very fond of falling off.

The particles that are in the balm glisten beautifully in the sun, so the product is perfect for a summer dress on a hot, sunny day.

The balm does not stick (even in hot weather), for which a great plus!

balm with gold flecks

Plus for a nice, typically summer fragrance. A little bit more, and I will miss this smell very much. I love summer, I could actually live in a country where the whole year is warm. When it's below 20 degrees, I feel it right away.
Soraya after sun illuminating balm

This product went into good hands that are very happy with it. We didn't like each other very much.

Do you know this product? Let me know how it worked for you 🙂