Dress with vertical stripes stylization

The dress with vertical stripes cool extends the figure, so if you want to add a few centimeters of height - reach for just such a dress. I liked this dress not only for the straps (I love straps!), But also for the tie at the waist that emphasizes it. I am not a happy owner of a perfect waistline, so such details are welcome.

In this stylization you won't find much accessories in the form of jewelry - the only ones are gold egg white earrings from NA-KD. I wondered for a long time why they are called 'egg white', and later I realized that the shape resembles egg white. It's weird, but when you look at it - there is something to it.

There could be a bamboo purse here - a basket that is not only an Instagram hit, but also among the world-famous Bloggers. When I showed up bamboo basket on Instagram, there were many questions about its practicality. My answer probably amused many of you because I wrote that you can fit half a house in it. For me it is a priority that all the necessary things can fit in the purse, and trust me - I always have a million things with me "just in case". Who also has that?

I've chosen cork heels that you probably associate with styling with a floral dress. There you could also see a black hat that I often reach for on sunny days.

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Dress - Zalando

Earrings - NA-KD

Bamboo basket - Stylish haberdashery

Shoes - Zalando