Pumpkin Agafii - yeast and burdock hair mask

Pumpkin Agafia yeast mask
Over the past few weeks, Piotr and I have tested the Bania Agafia masks, which have been on my test list for a long time. It turned out that I found a few pearls in a nearby drugstore. Not only Russian cosmetics, but also amla! I was very surprised because I always bought amla oil online. For myself, I decided to take a yeast mask, which encouraged me with its wonderful fragrance. I chose Piotr's burdock mask.

Yeast mask Pumpkin Agafia opinion

I admit that I had great expectations for yeast maskbecause I read a lot of positive reviews about it. Unfortunately, the mask on my hair did nothing. At the first application, my hair was softer, and the biscuit scent of the mask accompanied me for several hours.
Apart from the above, unfortunately I didn't find any pluses. It is also worth mentioning that the mask is very rare, making it more like a conditioner than the full-bodied mask I am used to. Performance is not very good, and all this is due to consistency. A large amount of the product when applied to the hair literally leaks through the fingers. For me it's a big minus because I don't like wasting cosmetics.
I am glad that I finally tested the Bania Agafia hair yeast mask, but I will definitely not return to it.

Burdock mask Bania Agafii opinion

Burdock mask Bania Agafii, i.e. the mask I tested also did not work on my hair. First of all, its performance leaves much to be desired. The mask is very watery. The smell is fine, not intense. The effects that I expected a little disappointed me. After using it, the hair was not soft and smooth, but slightly 'gray'. I was not satisfied with this product and I will definitely not return to it.


Both Russian masks, both yeast and burdock mask Bania Agafii turned out to be sells.