Is it worth using an antibacterial hand gel?

Antibacterial hand gel is in my opinion one of the best inventions. There is always time and the possibility of washing your hands, and traveling especially by public transport is advisable. At present, during a coronavirus outbreak, this is something you should have at home to follow hygiene rules even more.

There is always an antibacterial gel in my purse, because I often travel by public transport, which unfortunately is not very clean (maybe it has changed a bit now, but it's a pity that an epidemic was needed to take care of the basics of cleanliness). Many studies indicate that public transport, especially seating, is the largest bacterial habitat. It is not difficult to agree with this, because hundreds or even thousands of people use the means of transport every day, who do not know where they had their hands before.

antibacterial gels bath and body works

Unfortunately, many people still do not wash their hands after using the toilet, so it's better to be safe when cold. There are a lot of bacteria around us, and even a moment of inattention can lead to many diseases. Especially now you have to be very careful. It is still not known exactly how coronavirus is transmitted (I have the impression that everything related to this virus is only guesses), and there is still no vaccine for the virus that decimates the population on Earth. Even simply rubbing the eyes with a hand that touched something that previously touched the sick person can lead to infection.

Bath & Body Works antibacterial hand gel

I've been looking for a long time antibacterial gel that does not dry hands. Until now, everyone who used used made the hands dry after use, and after each use of the gel it was necessary to use a moisturizing cream.

Antibacterial gels came with the help Bath & Body works. Gels not only do not dry the skin, in addition they smell great and contain 68% alcohol. My favorite fragrance is 'Paris'. The only thing that bothers me is having a glitter that stays on the skin (and not only because I have the impression that this glitter is everywhere). Fortunately, the version of "unicorn water" came out, which has neither glitter nor blue balls (which I do not understand to this day - what are they for?).

In my opinion, it is worth using antibacterial gels, especially when traveling, and also when it is not possible to wash your hands. It is certainly to some extent protection against various types of diseases. Currently, it is worth having such a gel at home and use it additionally after washing your hands, even when you follow the rules and do not leave the house. This is an additional form of protection against a very dangerous virus for which there is still no vaccine.

Do you use antibacterial gels? What gels do you like best?

Antibacterial hand gels that do not dry the skin

I am lucky that Bath & Body Works is now close to home. When I lived in Gdańsk, it was a big problem for me - I remember when Piotr and I went to Warsaw and always came back with a supply of these wonderful antibacterial gels (hey Gdańsk, now from what I know these gels are available in the new Forum shopping mall). I am a geek of clean hands, but it is not always possible to wash them. Especially now - during the epidemic, we must cleanse our hands with redoubled power. find out is it worth using antibacterial hand gels.

In such situations, antibacterial hand gels come in handy, which can be used without using water (note! I accidentally bought Carex, which turned out to be antibacterial soap for use with water. It has a similar packaging for antibacterial gel, so beware of mistakes 😉 Unfortunately, all gels which are available in drugstores terribly dry hands. Of course, any antibacterial gel used in excess can dry them. However, Bath & Body Works antibacterial gels do not dry hands when used normally (several times a day).

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Be it Carex or CelanHands, which are probably the most popular ones, caused me terrible drying of the skin of my hands. On the occasion of a trip to Orange Warsaw a few years ago, my goal was also Złote Tarasy and buying Bath & Body Works gels. These little wonders totally captivated me. Their smell, perfect capacity (just right in the bag) made me crazy about them. I bought five bottles (at home I had two that I bought a month earlier).

Bath & Body Works favorite antibacterial hand gels

I bought strawberry cheseecake, Paris Amour, Japanese cherry blossom (light and red version, I don't know why there are two), Caribbean Escape and Island Nectar. Depending on the fragrance, the gels have glitter or blue balls. I do not recommend gels with glitter, because this glitter is literally everywhere. Although in the current situation (coronavirus) this is definitely less important. When using the gel several times a day, the bottle was enough for me for 2 months, and considering the frequency of use of the product it is in my opinion a very long time. For the gel you can buy a rubber tag for the bag in which the gel can be placed. I am not convinced, however, so I did not purchase this gadget.

Who should use antibacterial hand gels

I love the Bath & Body Works antibacterial gels for gentle hydration (they have quite a good composition and contain 68% alcohol), and additionally they smell great. The only downside is their availability (especially now when shops are closed, they can only be bought online). I recommend these antibacterial gels to all clean maniacs who count on the antibacterial effect and also don't want to have dry hands. In the current situation, I recommend it to everyone, regardless of whether you follow the rules and are at home (#stostdomdom) or unfortunately you have to go to work. In the latter case, you must have such an antibacterial gel with you.