Color cosmetics part 1

Recently I realized that I never showed all colored cosmetics and makeup gadgets that I have.

This is not spectacularly much, I can fit in one box that I bought after moving to Pepco (3 years ago).
I divided the note into two parts, because each of the cosmetics I would like to briefly discuss. You'll also see a few cosmetics here, which you probably are well-known to you, because I've shown them more than once.

1. Bell, hypoallergenic shadow No. 70
This is probably one of the few eye shadows with particles that I have. I usually use only matte eye shadows, but I sometimes put this shadow in the inner corners of the eyelids. Illuminates very nicely, giving the look a fresh look (even after a sleepless night).
In addition, it actually has antiallergic properties, it does not irritate, even when some particle accidentally hits the eye.
2. Joko, shadow Universe No. J304
I use the shade relatively rarely, because I have bright makeup more often. I only use it when I go out sometime in the evening. Although the shade seemed very dark to me, in reality it is graphite.
3. Joko, shadow Universe J312
Two shades: gray and navy blue. I used gray once, but navy blue sometimes serves as a line. When applied wet it is very durable, for which I love it.
4. Inglot eye shadow palette
I have already written about this palette here, therefore, so as not to repeat, I refer you to the detailed note.
5. Eveline, Satin Blush No. 02 Desert Rose
I really like this pink, it has a perfect color that goes well with the shade of my skin. Unfortunately, it quickly disappears from the cheeks, so I am looking for something more durable.
6. Hean, stay on shadows base
I have already written about this database hereis still my favorite.
7. Wibo, silk powder and vit. E
I use powder to hide eye shadows. It contains brightening particles, which makes it great for it. I have never been able to use up the packaging completely before expiring.
Now when I look at this powder, I am beginning to wonder if it should accidentally land in the basket.
8. Paese, rice powder
I have already written about the rice powder itself here. I wasn't happy with him at 100. At the moment there is a homemade rice powder in the package, which I use quite often in the summer (e.g. when I go to the beach, or announce a great heat).
9. Inglot, matting pressed powder
I bought the powder for my wedding in order to make corrections after many hours of fun. The product, in cooperation with matting papers, did very well. I use it very rarely (only if I know that my skin will need a mat for many hours), because Dr G. BB cream is enough for me

The shadow disappears quickly from the eyelids

Oily eyelids are a problem for many women. The fatness of the eyelid is manifested above all in the fact that the shadows disappear from the eyelids even after several minutes. The same happens with the crayon. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of eyelid fat, you have to fight it.
However, there are several ways that will prolong the shadows' durability.
1. Eye shadows in cream
2. Eyelid degreasing
3. Eye shadow base

Creamy eye shadows are more durable. They can help with the problem of oily eyelids. Unfortunately, they have their minus, because they are more expensive than traditional eye shadows. However, it is worth buying a few colors at the beginning, which you can not give up with everyday makeup.

You can degrease the eyelid with a tonic. All you need is a little tonic to soak a cotton pad and wipe the eyelids to maintain the effect, after drying the eyelids, apply matting powder or starch. You can also degrease the eyelid with matting tissue. Many companies offer them, including Wibo.
I myself have greasy eyelids and without shadows any shadows or eyeliners last for several hours. I have been using it for many years bases for shadows company heanwhich I am very happy with. The product extends the life of shadows. Inglot's matt shadows stick from morning to evening without any corrections.