Get your feet ready for the summer!

The season of outdoor shoes is fast approaching. It is worth taking care of your feet today to enjoy their beautiful appearance in spring and summer.

Lirene "Stop keratosis" cream, which has as much as 30% urea, can be very helpful in care.

The product is great not only for the typical use of foot moisturizing, but also as a care mask.

After soaking your feet, as well as removing dead skin by e.g. Scholl foot file or foot scrub it is worth applying a thick layer of Lirene cream, which can be left to absorb or lubricate a thick layer of the cosmetic, put on socks and wake up with perfectly smooth feet;)

Warning! After applying the cream to the feet, it is necessary to wash your hands. Such a large amount of urea will not have a beneficial effect on our delicate hands.

The cream should be used regularly every 2-3 on days, depending on the degree of foot damage (a layer of hard skin).

The smell of the cosmetic is specific and may not suit everyone, but this product is really noteworthy. Considering the effects that can be obtained with regular use, it is worth considering whether the smell can be an opponent here.

The cream is available in every Rossmann, its price is not high in comparison with quite high efficiency.

Unfortunately, I didn't use other versions of this cream, this version meets my expectations, that's why I'm not looking for another product.

Scholl foot file

There was a hunt on the Scholl electric foot file on TV and Rossmann at one time.
And what? and it's good that it was because it is a very nice product.
A little complicated gadget, and how much pleasure it gives in smoothing our feet.
The electric roller (replaceable) handles even thicker skin very well. It is important to soak the feet before use (we use them on dried feet), because I don't think soaked in that they would not do so well.
Using this gadget is really pleasant - the roll does not jam, it does not fall out, nothing bad happens with it when using it. We will buy exchangeable rolls in the number of 2 pieces in the pack at Rossmann for PLN 59,99. no promotion, and the promotion will find PLN 45,99.

The price is not excessive, because one roll is enough for a long time. We have ours since December and it is still sharp. Of course, depending on the condition of the owner's feet;) I think that with more neglected feet, the effect after the first use would not be spectacular. But with time I assure you that it will be better.

We'll buy an electric foot file in Rossmann for PLN 169,99. (I caught the promotion, where it was PLN 144,49. from what I orientate, this price is still valid). The skin after the file treatment is very smooth and pleasant to the touch (the effect is comparable to that obtained on a pedicuire in a beauty salon ).

How do you use a Scholl foot file?

When using, we can see how well the file rubs off - "white powder" is visible, which is nothing but dead skin.
However, you have to be careful, because with stronger pressing or longer use in one place, you can irritate the skin (I used to do that at the first use. This is accompanied by burning in a given place).
After use, I suggest cleaning the feet with this white powder, and then use a foot cream (I use Lirene with 30% urea).

Ergonomic Scholl foot file

The plus is also the ergonomic shape that makes the file great in the hand. The file itself is quite heavy. This is both a plus and minus, but the weight is good in that it does not fall out of the hands when used.
Another plus is the overlay on the roll, thanks to which we can maintain hygiene (dust and dirt are not deposited on the roll).


The only downside is that the file is a little loud. Unfortunately, for some animals, the sound of the file may not be the most pleasant.
We bought our file before or after Christmas (I don't remember exactly), we also bought a supply of rollers, because they were at a good price.
I am very happy with the product, now I do not have to visit the beautician or bother with pumice, because I have something that gives me the effect of smooth feet.