Does color matter? Comparison of Beauty Blender sponges

Comparison of Beauty Blender sponges
Does color matter? Comparison of Beauty Blender sponges

I have always used the traditional pink Beauty Blender sponge. Later other colors began to appear - nude, black, red, white, purple ... I have honestly got lost in all these colors, so I had to look at Beauty Blender's website. And it was a mistake, because I saw a beautiful powder pink sponge. I already know which one I will buy now - Beauty Blender Bubble.

It may seem that it's just a marketing gimmick with these colors - just like with the new gadgets offered by Beauty blender (a triangle for painting lines, sponge to collect excess sebum or sponge for applying foundation to the body).
Once I bought a red carpet (red carpet) and by the way I felt the difference. Red carpet has a slightly different texture than the pink sponge. I remember this version the worst because I have the impression that when applying BB cream the effect was much more 'artificial'. In this case, the pink sponge beats the Red Carpet version.
After the red fire I decided on a black sponge, which is called the PRO version. Are you curious if this sponge is different from the traditional, pink version? If so, keep reading.

Why use a Beauty Blender sponge?

BB sponge is my big hit for years. I not only use it for everyday makeup, but also accompanied me on my wedding day.
The Beauty Blender egg causes the BB cream applied with it to blend perfectly with the skin. An unnatural effect can be obtained only if it overdo the amount of product applied. As a fan of the natural effect and not feeling anything on the skin, I decided to use a sponge. I've been using it regularly since 2014.

Black or pink? Which Beauty Blender sponge should you choose?

I have read several times that, however, sponges vary depending on the color. At first I thought it was a marketing gimmick. However, as it turned out, this is not the case at all.
At the beginning I used only a pink sponge, because only that was available then. Over time, other colors began to appear, which began to tempt. First of all, to check if they differ from each other. As I wrote at the beginning of the note - there was a pink, red carpet and black version. Now there will definitely be a Bubble version in a beautiful, pastel pink color.
The pink classic version was with me the most. It was also the first sponge I tested. It worked great and it was her that made me fall in love with Beauty Blender products. Forgive me if this post is luscious, but Beauty Blender is one of the few products that impresses me.

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Once by accident, the red carpet version was added to the basket. It's very similar to the traditional version, but unfortunately it looks worse. It has a different (softer) texture, which gives me the impression that BB cream does not blend so well with the skin. I did not like this version and I will definitely not return to it.
Then came the black sponge (PRO version), which tempted me mainly with its color. Interestingly, the color from a black egg is not washed out as quickly as e.g. from pink. This is a big plus for me, because I use one sponge for half a year (no, as the producer 3 says for months). I have already written about it in other posts about the sponge, but I will repeat it again - the sponge does not lose its properties and works properly even for half a year. With proper hygiene, nothing happens to her. No worms also breed.

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The black sponge is also slightly different to the touch than the pink version. It is more 'rough' and I have the impression that it has deeper pores. However, this difference is not felt when applying BB cream (I have always used the same one BB cream Dr G). I don't know why the black sponge is called the PRO version, it's probably a pure marketing ploy.

Does the color of the Beauty blender sponge matter?

I thought for a long time about the answer to this question, because on the one hand the black and pink versions are actually the same, but on the other they differ slightly in texture. But the red carpet version is in my opinion a total misfire and I will definitely never go back to it.
Comparing these 3 color versions I definitely recommend the pink and black version. However, I recommend avoiding the red carpet version.

Worms in the Beauty Blender!

Worms in the Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender - an irreplaceable helper in my makeup. Works great for application Asian BB creams. Some time ago I came across a movie about Beauty Blender. Worms appeared after cutting the sponge's owner. That is why today I would like to refute some myths about Blender Beauty. I will start with the most controversial.

Worms in the Beauty Blender

I have been using Beauty Blender sponges since 2014 and I cut each one before throwing it away. Why? Out of curiosity and as part of the test. The main thing is that I tested a different washing method on each of the sponges, which is why the post about washing Beauty Blender (click) is fully supported by my experience. None of the sponges have ever had worms, but one thing is certain.
Not only the irregular washing of the Beauty Blender, but also its improper drying could cause the veins to grow inside. Many Girls do not remember about thoroughly drying the sponge (it must be in a ventilated place), which, when inaccurate washing, can cause the development of bacteria and worms that love a humid environment.

Beauty Blender needs to be replaced every 3 months

This is another myth built by the sponge company. Why? Only and exclusively to buy new eggs more often. I use my Beauty Blenders for 6 months and none of them lose quality after 3 months.
You just have to remember about choosing the perfect washing method and regularly performing this activity, as well as about proper drying. Thanks to this, the sponge will calmly serve not 3, but 6 months.

The sponge should only be washed with products recommended by the manufacturer

Another myth that the manufacturer invented for greater profit. You can successfully use other products that cope with dirt as well. In addition, I recommend spraying the sponge with Octenisept disinfectant after each washing (I spray the brushes with the same product).

The sponge loses its color and properties

Another myth. It is natural that the sponge will wash out its color over time. However, this does not affect its quality in any way.

Let me know in the comments if you used sponge colors other than standard (pink) and whether they differ from each other. I heard divided opinions on this topic.