How and what to clean Beauty Blender? Proven ways

I have been the owner of Beauty Blender sponge for several months. I am very happy with it, but I will write about it in another note. I was sleepless because of cleaning my eggs. Although the BB cream I applied with Beauty Blender did not go too deep into it, I still had problems cleaning the sponge. A video has been recorded about how to clean the sponge, which first of all shows how to clean it.

It wasn't until I watched this video that I realized that I use a beauty blender like an egg. I did it too gently, because I was terribly afraid that I would destroy the sponge (which is a lot to hide - it's just expensive). The movie made me realize what I was doing wrong. I immediately recommended washing my unwashed sponge in a new way. I was not afraid that I would damage her.
To clean the Beauty Blender I do not use a liquid intended for this, but I use the Oriflame shower gel from the ecobeauty series, about which I wrote here: Click.
This product is not only great for washing the body, but also for washing the sponge. Great for dirt after BB cream and after concealer.
I did not notice that washing the sponge with a product other than recommended by the manufacturer affected its condition or quality, which is why I wonder if it makes sense to invest in a relatively expensive product compared to an Oriflame gel. After washing the sponge, drain it with a paper towel and put it to dry on a glass saucer with a piece of paper towel. The sponge dries much faster in the kitchen than in the bathroom, where there is no window and such a good air flow.
What are your ways to wash the sponge? What do you use to keep it clean?