Blendercleanser solid PRO soap replacement

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Beauty Blender. I tested replacements, e.g. Blend it (see what do I think about Blend it sponge), as well as the highly praised sponge from Wibo (Rossmann) and I humbly returned to Beauty Blender. My Beauty Blender sponge is enough for half a year (contrary to my fears, it doesn't lose its quality, and regularly cleaned and disinfected does not negatively affect my skin). Today I would like to tell you more about the Blendercleanser solid PRO soap - is it worth the price? Or maybe I found a cheaper and equally effective soap (Yes). That's all in today's article about washing Beauty Blender sponges.

what to wash with a beauty blender

For years, when I used this sponge to apply foundation, I tossed you ideas for washing it. I used for years Carex oils or soap, but it wasn't until I received the tiny, black Blendercleanser solid PRO soap that I felt a huge difference in washing my sponges. The Carex soap scrubs sponges very well, but after washing they are quite rough and quickly lose their color. After the solid PRO soap from Beauty Blender, the sponges are not only clean, but also very soft (just like the first time). At first, I was afraid that the black soap would dye my sponges, but fortunately nothing happens. Big Beauty Blender is pink, while the small is powder pink and he also has not changed his color.

The black carbon soap perfectly cleans sponges. I can safely say that it even rinses out foundation or concealer under the eyes (I also have a small Beauty Blender mini sponge, which I use with the Chanel concealer) at an express pace - just a few seconds and the sponge is clean. For a moment I even thought about buying this soap, but in my opinion its price is exaggerated. Beauty Blender Blendercleanser solid PRO soap costs 169 PLN. Hello! This is the soap ONLY ... it's not made of gold, so I really don't know where the cosmic price comes from. I thought that I would look for a cheaper substitute and I succeeded the first time (it can be said that it was a golden shot). Ania from the Classy Simple Life blog, who analyzed and compared the compositions of soaps, helped me a lot in searching for a replacement, for which I would like to thank you.

what to wash makeup sponges

I found my favorite Beauty Blender sponge in the Tuli soap factory in Gdańsk. This soap is brilliant and just as well as express cleans sponges. In addition, the composition is very similar - in both soaps you will find oils, thanks to which dirt is washed away quickly, and in addition the sponge does not lose its softness. After washing Beauty Blenders there is the same softness effect as after washing them with soap dedicated to cleaning the sponges. And now the important issue - the price. This Tuli carbon soap is 2x bigger and costs PLN 14 plus shipping costs. Compared to solid pro soap, which costs PLN 169, this is a huge difference.

beauty blender what to wash makeup sponges

If you are thinking about buying a black soap dedicated to wash Beauty Blender - Blendercleanser solid PRO sponges, I definitely recommend you to buy Tuli carbon soap, which will perfectly clean not only your sponges, but also brushes (I washed with this soap Zoeva brushes and here also it worked perfectly). And for the remaining amount you can buy me a decaf coffee on plant milk as a thank you 😉