Cosmetics and products worth the price

Not once did it happen that more expensive products or cosmetics turned out to be sell. It was the same with cheaper cosmetics. There is actually no rule and the more expensive and cheaper ones may turn out to be sellouts.

Today I will show you some more expensive things that are worth the money.

Cosmetics and products worth the price

Beauty blender

Beauty Blender has been my favorite for years. I used to use Rossmann triangular sponges, but I was not happy with them. I decided to test the infamous Beauty Blender and was gone for many years. Beauty blender I exchange every six months. With regular cleaning and disinfection, I did not notice that it lost its properties.
The sponge spreads BB cream perfectly, making it blend in with my skin. Even with inaccurate application it is difficult to make streaks. If you haven't used Beauty Blender yet, be sure to test it. I always order my sponge on the manufacturer's official website.

Mac Well Dressed Blush

I have been ill for this company for a long time. Fortunately, someone finally went to his head and in Douglas you can now buy products from this company. I have roses since July and the consumption is almost invisible.
The blush stays on my skin for many hours, it descends evenly. I used a rose from many companies, including Lovely, Wibo, Bourjois, Eveline, but everyone disappeared from my cheeks after a short time. I don't regret buying a Mac blush.

Max Factor False Lash mascara

Another favorite who has been with me for years. This mascara is not the cheapest, but I buy it regularly as soon as I notice that the previous one begins to thicken and clumps form. If we are already with lumps, often the problem is simply a dirty brush from the mascara. It is enough to soak it for the whole night (before securing the ink bottle to prevent it from drying out) in warm water with liquid soap. It really works.
Returning to the mascara - this one perfectly curls eyelashes, combs and gives them volume. I really like him a lot.

Tangle Teezer

Already as a small child I had a problem with pulling hair while combing. My hair was terribly tangled, and I remember how I cried when instead of beautiful, long hair I had one big tangled hair. It was my nightmare until I didn't recognize Tangle Teezer.
Since I use this magic brush I have forgotten what pain means when combing my hair. I have my brush in a compact (silver) version. I am glad that I decided on this version with a protective bag, so the brush is still in great condition (I bought it in 2014 year). You can read my Tangle Teezer review here.

Black & Decker steam mop

O steam mops I have already mentioned it several times and it is because it is my huge hit. Thanks to this device I was able to eliminate once and for all one chemical product - floor cleaning liquid. The steam mop only uses water (I pour water from Dafi jug). You can buy a Black & Decker mop here.

2015 favorites

The year 2015 was full of discoveries. I found a lot of products that I liked, but unfortunately I also came across a buble (I try to forget about them). In today's note I will show you these biggest favorites, because if I were to show all products from the whole year that I liked - this post would probably be the longest in history.
2015 favorites

Mac Well Dressed Blush

This pink must have been in my favorites. After the roses I tested (including Lovely, Eveline), finally someone came up with the brilliant idea that there was a Mac in Douglas. When I saw this - I rubbed my eyes in amazement. I had a long desire for Mac roses, but I didn't want to buy it in the dark.
Of course, when I saw flecks in pink live, I started to shake my nose (yes, I'm a fan of mats). I'm glad that I got convinced because I'm delighted. Blush stays all day, evenly disappears. It is very efficient. I bought it in July, and I still can't see wear.

Sylveco, oat and wheat shampoo

A huge favorite of the year. It smells beautiful and does something wonderful with my hair - it is nourished, it curls better. Since I use this shampoo, I don't use the conditioner every day because my hair doesn't need it.
A great product with a natural composition. Sylveco is my discovery of the year.

Cloths for washing against dyeing of clothes

A product that changed my life. Thanks to these cloths, I can wash everything in one go. I save water and protect my clothes from dyeing. I am currently buying Domol clothsthat can be found in Rossmann.

Sylveco micellar fluid

I love this micel! Great for removing makeup. I use it in the second stage of makeup removal (after washing the first layer of makeup with bio-oil Kneipp). Draws on mascara nicely. This is the first one natural micellar fluidthat really works!


O Invisibobble I heard a lot, and finally after fakes from H&M (which served me quite well) I decided on original rubber bands. They do not pull out the hair, after removing the elastics there is no characteristic trace of the elastic band. I think it's the perfect elastic for curly hair!

Kneipp bio body oil

Oil I used for body, hair and make-up removal. He proved to be great in every role. I love his smell. Does not clog (which is a huge success for my face).