TV series worth watching

I like watching series. Today I would like to recommend a few of my favorites that are great for autumn evenings. If you haven't watched any of them - it's worth catching up.

1. One Tree Hill (Love Weather)

My beloved series - is about a group of high school students who live in the small town of Tree Hill. The first seasons show their adventures in high school, and the next in adulthood. The series has up to 9 seasons. I started watching it while in middle school, and recently I watched it for the third time (all seasons) with my husband. The series is light, but it transmits a lot of value.

2. La Dama Velata (Lady in the Black Veil)

Apparently, interest in the series has exceeded the producers' wildest expectations. In most of the countries where he was played - he achieved great success. I hit the series a few months ago completely by accident on TVP 1 and so drew me in that I watched all the episodes. The series tells the story of Clary, who grew up in the countryside. One day her father (count) came for her and arranged her marriage. Clara, who loves Matte (the boy she grew up with) is not happy with her father's decision.

3. Friends

I started watching the series when I was on sick leave. I got so hooked that I look forward to new episodes. The series is about 4 friends, whose adventures we can follow every Thursday in front of TV sets. I never stand and watch pre-release episodes on Ipla.

4. Magda M.

I remember waiting for every Tuesday when this series was broadcast. I didn't have a TV in my room, so I always begged my sister to follow Magda and Piotr. Of course, each time it was associated with an additional day of duty on washing the dishes, or going out with the dog. It was worth it;)

5. Jess and the guys

A very light and pleasant series, something like "Friends". Jess moves in with three boys with different personalities. The heroine of the series herself is a little shot, so there is no shortage of bursts of laughter. Apparently it will be the next season, I am very curious if it really will be so.
Do you like to watch series? Write in the comment if you can recommend some cool ones 🙂