First vegan Easter

Easter is here, and I've already created a vegan Christmas menu. Below I will also paste links to recipes for specific dishes.
vegan easter

Breakfast (Sunday):- Bean lard with plum totally overwhelmed my heart on Christmas Eve. Since then I've done it several times. Pride!
- salad of corn, chickpeas, rice and white leek, and vegan mayonnaise with tego provision. I haven't made this mayonnaise yet, but it seems to be very tasty.
- potato salad with mayonnaise as above.
- basil pesto with pine nuts
Lunch (Sunday):
Lunch (Tuesday):
- probably stewed young cabbage
- Mango Cashew Cheesecake it's actually not only a Christmas cake, but also a birthday cake for P. 🙂
- lemon muffins with icing (in my version with lemon icing)
See also my vegan history, i.e. why I went on a vegan diet.
That would be enough;) If I add something else, I will definitely let you know. And how do you prepare for Christmas?