Denko: May and June part 1

There was no bottom in May for a variety of reasons, but that doesn't mean I forgot about this series of posts.
That is why today we come to you with a May-June bottom for men and women. Denko had to divide it into two parts, because during the preparation of the post it turned out that it was a bit too long.
Today's note will include cosmetics that I have been using for a long time, but there will also be new products.
1. Vibo matting tissue paper - this product has been with me for a long time and I still have a good opinion about it. Tissues great and quickly get rid of excess sebum from my face, which is very helpful with my mixed skin. I will buy again.
2. Cetaphil
- I returned to this product years later and still have guests with me. For now, I am not looking for another face cleansing product, although I am tempted by Sylveco products. I do not know, however, whether to risk, because currently my face is in very good condition. I will buy again.
3. Lovely golden glow - I thought this powder would be a good substitute for Wibo silk powder, which I used to hide eye shadows. Although I bought this powder at a Rossmann sale, I regret it. Fortunately, he found a person who uses it and praises it quite. I will not buy again.
4. DermoFuture hyaluronic lip filler - complete sell. I am surprised myself that I believed in all these promises: fuller and moisturized lips and other blah blah ... he did nothing at all, and additionally he dried up his mouth terribly. I will not buy again.
5. Bielenda Super Power Mezo Serum - delighted with the mask from this series, I also bought a serum. The first package was ok, but I barely finished the second one. At the end of use, the smell began to irritate me, as well as the stickiness that the product leaves on the skin. Plus for not hurting my mouth. I will not buy again.
6. Colloidal Silver - another bottle behind us. Our skin has not become accustomed to the product, it works as well as several bottles before. One bottle is enough for approx. 2 months of use. The product perfectly cleanses the face, I use it instead of a tonic after makeup removal and before washing my face in the morning. I will buy again.
7. Bandi cream with almond acid - and P. and I are still delighted with this product. I have a great fondness for this cosmetic, because it helped me say goodbye to acne. The best night cream! I have heard opinions that the skin is getting used to it. It's probably the second or 3 year when I use it and I didn't notice it. It still works as it should. You can find a detailed product review on the blog. I will buy again.
8. Floslek, Arnica eye cream - another sell in today's bottom. He was supposed to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, and he couldn't even moisturize well. I will definitely not buy it again.


1. Four seasons, winter hand cream - I bought this product when it wasn't winter. My hands were very dry and I was looking for something that would specifically moisturize them. This product coped with the task very well. He also has a crazy smell. I think it will be in my purse again in the autumn and winter. I will buy again.

2. Coconut oil - 500 ml of coconut oil was enough for me for 3-4 months. And I used it literally for everything. From frying to scrubs and as a body moisturizer. In every role he proved to be great. In addition, its price was not too high. I will buy again.
3. Kneipp, Bio-body oil - a wonderful product. I used it for body, hair and make-up removal. It's strange that my face liked him, because as a rule she is capricious when it comes to oils. I will buy again.