Denko: January 2015

The next month is coming to an end, and with it I would like to show you January wear. I invite you.


1. Avocado Garnier Conditioner appears here regularly, so I will not bore you 😉 If anyone has not used this product yet, I invite you to detailed review. I will definitely buy again.
2. This mask Biowax he has been with me for a long time, probably over half a year if not longer. It is very efficient, my hair is moisturized and flowing. Initially, I used the product as recommended, at the end this mask served as the first "O" in the century OMO. I would rather buy again.


1. Another very efficient product. Soraya peeling been with me for over a year. I use a really small amount (once a week). This product is a typical scraper, but it doesn't bother my skin. In addition to face peeling, I also do hand peeling with it. Recently I had a dilemma whether to buy a new scrub or the same. I bought the same.
2. Serum Bielenda Super power mezzo serum I bought because I was delighted with the mask in the series from this series. I use the serum once a week for the night. Nicely unifies the complexion, makes it less greasy. I haven't noticed spectacular effects, but it is a very decent product. I have bought again.

Under the shower

1. Facelle 50 plus appears here regularly, just like Garnier conditioner, which is why I refer to detailed review.
2. Alterra grapefruit and vanilla this is another of Alterra shower gels that I decided to try. It has a pleasant smell, but it is very inefficient, probably because it is pouring. I will not buy again. I returned to the shower gel of the same company in the orange version (it is denser and has a wonderful smell!).

Body care

1. Body lotion Alterra grenade he did not impress me primarily because of the fact that it moisturizes poorly, and it is also slightly watered down. In addition, it is poorly efficient. I will definitely not go back to him.


1. Cleanic sticks for makeup correction and make-up removal This is my huge favorite. I use them every day to collect excess BB cream from the lips and eyebrows, as well as patches when using mascara. There are a lot of them, so even with daily use, they last for a long time. I will definitely buy again.
2. Retimax 1500 it's just ointment from vit. A. I use it on dry lips, hands, and also during colds, I apply it to dry nose. I will definitely come back to her.
3. About Eveline 3 in 1 I get a lot of questions, including about how this product works as an eyelash serum. I use the product only as a base for mascara, which is why I can't answer this question 🙂 I also refer to detailed product review.