The most interesting swimsuits for the summer 2019

There has not yet been a blog review with swimsuits (be sure to check out the post with a review from most interesting models of shoes for spring and summer 2019) - I had to make up for it and do a review so that each of you would find a swimsuit 2019 for summer. This year we are going on vacation (probably in July). We don't know where yet, because we will be hunting for some nice last minute offer. We are most drawn to Italy, but we do not exclude Greece or Albania either. The most important thing for us is to be warm, nice (get ready for a vacation feed) and good veggie food. We don't have high requirements, do we?

Due to the fact that we are going on vacation, I had to buy a swimsuit (my previous one did not quite meet my expectations). I am very happy that the shops have a large selection of bikinis with a raised bottom. Such panties not only nicely emphasize the figure, but also hide the tummy if someone has a problem with it.

At the beginning I was planning to buy a one-piece polka-dot dress, but I chose black one-piece dress from Other Stories (photo of the costume below). I bought the outfit stationary in Galeria Mokotów. He caught my eye at first sight, but I didn't buy it right away. I went for it a few days later and luckily it was my size - I took 36 (I always wear 34) because 34 was very short and did not cover my bust. The outfit is very classic, but has decorative buttons.

Below is a review of fashionable swimsuits for the summer of 2019 - both one and two-piece. In the review you will find Polish brands such as Moiess (owned by Jessica Mercedes), Bodymaps or HMBD. Find your 2019 summer swimsuit.

Source: Moiess

I really like both models of bikini bottoms. The bottom ones from Bodymaps are more classic, while the bottom from Moiess is definitely more interesting. I also think it can be fun to hide sides.

Source: Bodymaps
Source: & Other Stories
Source: Marysia

In my review could not miss the proposal with pearls. Below top and bottom with pearl accessories in nude color.

Source: HMBD
Source: HMBD
Source: Moiess
Source: Perlilla