Bio - Essence "Inchloss" slimming and firming cream

I persuaded Marta (who, like me, loves to test cosmetics) to write a few reviews on the blog. My proposal met with considerable interest on her part. And in this way we have the following review;)
io-Essence "Inchloss" slimming and firming cream
The cosmetic that I tested it Bio-Essence "Inchloss" slimming and firming cream.
It is a cosmetic available on Asian markets.
Active Ingredients:
  • Bio-Mineral Amino Acid Essence - a special ingredient that transports cream ingredients deep into the skin
  • Pepper extract
  • Ginger Extract
  • Ginseng extract
  • Pineapple Extract
  • Caffeine
My opinion:
What distinguishes it from the native slimming creams? It contains an amino-mineral fluid that transports ingredients deep into the skin and retains them there as well IT WORKS!
He says that cosmetics are not able to slim, but only diet and exercise. In that case, as Dr. Mouse-everybody lies! This cosmetic really reduces circuits, burns fat and reduces cellulite. But how it is in life something for something.
The effects are born in pain ... literally. The cream after applying piles! And it doesn't take about an hour. Smoking comes in waves, after 20 min and half day.
At the first application, I generously applied it to sensitive places (in my case, thighs).
Glad, I started cleaning the apartment. After 10 minutes, the cream suddenly started working, and actually began to burn, the skin turned red, it started to tingle a little. I got gas for cleaning;)

I warn you that the cream cannot be washed off because it is absorbed deeply. As we decide on the application-there is no turning back (that's why when it comes to the application, it's best to do it with gloves, I prefer not to think what will happen if we touch the eye!)

Effects? GOD'S circuits have fallen at least 3 cm (a scoop is attached to the cream to see the results accurately).
Which is a miracle, cellulite is lost! Although I'm over, the effects persist (of course, we don't help puffing up the chips;)
Descending from the clouds, in addition to pain attractions, price: approx. PLN 150, poor availability (only Internet), high shipping costs from Asian countries. I learned about him and bought from the site
I recommend it for tough guys!
You can expect more reviews written by Marta in the near future;)