Replace an ordinary mop with something better

The steam mop is probably my best buy when it comes to home equipment. I wrote about the Black & Decker steam mop last year (here). Today I mention him because one of the parts had to be replaced, but I will talk about it in a moment.
I've been using the steam mop for over 4 for years, I bought it on the website. He is still my huge favorite because I know that thanks to him I could give up chemistry at home. I have a rabbit who sometimes likes to lick the dance floor and tiles (I have no idea why). I would not want to expose him to contact with cleaning agents. This is not recommended for people, especially for animals.

black and decker steam mop opinion

The resignation from chemistry in my home began when I moved. Since then I have changed a lot of products into home-made or ecological products. Vinegar and baking soda turned out to be irreplaceable assistants in cleaning. Their large quantities are always in my house. I clean the rabbit litter box with vinegar and soda, I clean the taps and the sink with vinegar, as well as the shower cubicle (a reliable way to get rid of scale). I have already got used to its specific smell, but if you are just starting with eco home cleaners, I recommend adding a few drops of lemon or orange to the vinegar.

Steam mop with a hand washer - why buy it?

After some time after buying a steam mop, I decided to use a hand-held steam cleaner, which cleans the oven perfectly, even from dried dirt, but you can also use it to clean the toilet, sink or mirror. Everything can be cleaned with steam.

steam mop foot repair

Returning, however, to the steam mop - we had a problem with the "foot". The latches holding the corner part of the mop have broken. Fortunately, it was done without buying the whole steam mop, because Piotr found in the online store (erpatech) the part we needed. For just over PLN 100. we bought a part and the mop works fine again.

There will probably be comments that the steam mop of this company is very expensive and there are many cheaper mops on the market. Maybe I still do not regret buying after more than 4 years. The Black & Decker steam mop was one of the best purchases we've made for the home.