Sponges for applying foundation: Blend it vs Beauty Blender

makeup eggs
(beauty blender, blend it)

I have emphasized many times that I am a huge fan Blender Beauty. Currently, I already have my 5 sponge (I change it every six months, disinfect with an Octenisept spray after each use). When the Blend It sponge appeared in the Mintishop store (deceptively similar to the Beauty Blender), I decided to test it.

First impression

When the Blend It sponge reached me, I noticed that it was bigger than Beauty Blender. It is also made of another material - more rubbery. Beauty Blender is made of a soft, spongy, pleasant to the touch material.
At first glance, both sponges are very similar (in the photo on the left Blend It, on the right Beauty Blender - both are dry). Even in the picture the material seems to be identical. Unfortunately this is not the case. Feel the clear difference when you take both eggs in your hand.
After soaking Blend It and Beauty Blender, the Blend It sponge was still much larger than Beauty Blender. It was no longer as rubbery as it was dry.

We test Blend It and Beauty Blender

I tested both sponges to apply BB Dr G cream and unfortunately I have to say that Beauty Blender won this competition. Blend It did not distribute and melt BB cream with my skin, it only smeared it. When applying the BB cream I used the same technique as when applying the cream with the Beauty Blender sponge - stamping.
Unfortunately, it is not enough that Blend It did not melt the BB cream with the skin, in addition, applying BB cream with this sponge I used a lot more BB cream.
After use, I washed both sponges with Protex Cream soap, which is great not only for washing makeup sponges, but also brushes. Plus for Blend It, because I washed it much faster than Beauty Blender. The sponge also dries faster than Beauty Blender.


Unfortunately, the Blend It egg did not work well in my tests. It is unacceptable for me that using it I had to use more BB cream than when applying it with Beauty Blender.
Beauty Blender is nicer to the touch, it is not rubbery, which I suspect does not "drink" so much of the applied product. Blend It sponge did not work during the stamping method, BB cream did not blend perfectly into my complexion.
Blend It is easier and faster to wash and dries quickly. The price is also a plus (around PLN 25) compared to Beauty Blender (around PLN 70). Fortunately, Beauty Blender is enough for half a year, so looking at performance, the cost of the sponge is not that big.
I was hoping to find a cheaper substitute for Beauty Blender, but Blend It will not be a substitute, despite the visual similarity.