Perfect blender - Bosch MaxoMixx MSM88190

Switching to a vegetarian diet, I knew that I would have to invest in a good blender. My diet is based, among others on vegetables or nuts (including ground nuts). I often make pastes (I recommend bean paste and roasted garlic or veg lard with plumMy previous blender (bought in Rossmann) had the biggest problem with grinding nuts. When I was doing the first time Cashew Cheesecake the hand blender could not stand it. I knew it was time to invest in something better.
blender ideal for nuts and crushing ice
Piotr, as usual, found great equipment that I fell in love with at first sight. Bosch MaxoMixx MSM88190 (cheapest in Neo24) is a small food processor, which is a huge helper in cooking (it will be useful not only for a vegetarian or vegan diet). The version we bought is the most extensive. I said that it is worth investing in good equipment for years.
In version MSM88190 We get:
  • mixing attachment,
  • whipping attachment (whisk),
  • mini shredder,
  • blade for crushing ice,
  • chopping / chopping blade,
  • container with measuring cup for storage and blending,
  • pusher,
  • chopping and grinding discs (e.g. slicing, chopping carrots or cabbage),
  • stirrer that can be used, among others to mix pizza or bread dough
You don't have to buy such an extensive version of this blender. You have to decide for yourself which of them will be most useful to you. It is not worth buying something that you will not fully use.

I use a smaller container with a blade in "S" for making pastes, a larger one I use mainly when shredding and when I make a larger amount of a product. I blend soups for cream with a hand blender.
interchangeable parts for the Bosch Maxo mixx msm 88190 blender
A huge plus that I could not fail to mention is the blender cable. It looks like a landline phone cable. Thanks to this, it doesn't break, doesn't bend and you don't have to roll it up. For me it is a great help. When buying a good blender you have to look at its power. Our blender has the power of 800W, so it can grind really everything 😉
Most parts of the blender can be washed in a dishwasher - e.g. plastic bowls or blades. Only with a wet cloth you can wipe the parts with the mechanism, i.e. the top of the hand blender, as well as the lid from the large and small container. Adjusting the speed is very simple - the blender has a knob with speeds: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. At the bottom there is a "turbo" button, thanks to which the rotation of the blade is much faster.